Tuesday, August 19: FOX Sports Hates Redskins Fans (Sort Of)

It’s that time of the year for the national sports media: time to get people fired up for football, even if there’s nothing specific to talk about. ESPN, for example, posted their answer to the question of who is the face of every franchise (as I discussed yesterday). Over at FOX Sports on MSN, they’ve decided to ignore the players and focus on us, the fans.

And they’ve specifically decided that Redskins fans aren’t even in the top ten, which lumps us in the “Other” category on the ballot for best fan base alongside legendary groups like the Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

Here’s the list, according to FOX:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Kansas City
  3. Oakland
  4. Cleveland
  5. Green Bay
  6. Pittsburgh
  7. Denver
  8. Buffalo
  9. Chicago
  10. Dallas

Really? Oakland? Buffalo? I know and love plenty of devoted Bills fans, but the team has had to give two games to Canada to drive up home ticket sales — and even there, they’re having to give thousands of tickets away.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are one of those fan bases that gets a lot of press because of one group of people in funny outfits, while most of the other nine million people in the market find something else to do with their Sundays. Compare the Raiders #3 ranking here to their last-in-the-league #32 in this slightly more reality-based BizJournals.com Fan Loyalty Ranking.

Peter King has suggested that Redskins fans are “among the top three most enthusiastic“. Joe Gibbs used to call Redskins fans “the greatest fans in the world” so often that it almost became a catchphrase. Until the building in Dallas opens, FedExField remains the largest stadium in the NFL, and there are never blacked-out home games.

So I think it’s vital that we rectify this oversight, by … well, by voting for “Other” on the ballot, I guess. Stupid poll.


18 Responses

  1. I love how a team that wasnt even in the league for a few years is #4.

  2. Cleveland does have a strong fan base, and I can agree with their top 10 ranking, but KC and Buffalo DEFINITELY don’t come to mind when considering who has the best fan base.

    In fact, Seattle is infamous for the 12th man, and they don’t even make the list?

    We don’t even need to go into the Redskins not making the list…

    What a joke.

  3. What the?! The Bills are winning the poll with 25% of the vote…

  4. Let’s face it. The real reason there’s such a gap between the Redskins and the media is the media (most of them) doesn’t know anything except the common clichés that are floating around and whatever the flavor of the month is.
    Case in point: In Phoenix, there is two talking heads on drive time radio. The discussion was about what teams could use Bret Farve. One guys says, “The Redskins have always had good luck with older quarterbacks, remember they had “Jorgenson” (he couldn’t pronounce it right) and Kilmer”, Good grief! That was over 30 years ago! That sure sets the precedent doesn’t it?

  5. Grrrr. Gets the blood of a new fan boiling!

  6. That’s one of the most ridiculous polls I’ve ever seen. I can certainly agree with some of the top 10 such as the Steelers and Packers but to put the Chiefs ahead of teams like the Redskins and Seahawks is stupid. And don’t even get me started on the Cowboys fairweather fans…they wouldn’t know loyalty if it smacked them in the head.

  7. Freak the Cowgirl & Raider fans!

    Where were the ‘girl fans when J.J., Aikman & co went 1-15 in ’89? Out the ceilling hole @ Texas Stadium, that’s where!

    As for the Raider fans, Hello, you can’t even sell out your freakin’ stadium! If you can’t sell out for your team, no matter how crappy, then you ain’t a great fan base!

    As for Browns’ fans- can’t complain about their loyalty after the team left them. But sheesh, Dog Pound- there are no SuperBowl collars for you dweebs!

  8. I’m a Redskins fan who lives in Rochester, NY.

    The Bills didn’t move games to Toronto because of the fans.

    They moved the games to Toronto due to the horrible economic conditions in WNY and a lack of corporate dollars.

    At some of the Bills-Dolphins games in Miami over the past few years, it has appeared on TV that the crowd is like 25% or more Bills fans.

    I think it is a joke that the Skins aren’t in the top 5. But, I think the Bills have a top 10 fanbase.

    Heck, I think they have more season tickets sold this year than they did during the Super Bowl years and the Bills have been out of the playoffs for close to a decade!

  9. ummm… the Seattle “12th man” is more a result of the stadium build than the fan base. Fed Ex would probably register on the richter scale if they had a stadium like that. I also think that Dallas fans can be a little fair weather. It’s so easy to get tickets at Texas Stadium its not funny.

  10. Yeah, this whole thing where the Bills are leading with 25% is crazy, I don’t think I know anyone who cares about that team at all. It does seem crazy that we aren’t in that top 10 list somewhere.

  11. If by “passionate” fan base they mean “insanely drunk, swearing, loutish, and self-destructive” fan base, then yes, Philadelphia should definitely be number 1. No question.

  12. Really? Redskins top 10? Maybe back at RFK in the 80s. The whine-and-cheesers at FedUp? I’ll pass on that. If there was a poll for “NFL-fans-with-the-worst-perception-of-reality,” I could definitely see a thorough victory for you guys,

    The crowd for the Buffalo game was actually pretty impressive (the players? Not so much.) Want to know what advantage these teams have on you? None of their players has to die in order to finally attract a raucous crowd.

  13. Yo! Unreal Reality!

    Have you even been to a game @ FedEx? I was there for a Giants game well before #21 even donned the Burgundy & Gold.

    There is no shortage of fan passion in The Danny’s Cashbox even when the team is grossly medocre.

    Go back to watching CNN & leave the disucssion on fan passion to those who actually have it!

  14. Philly? Are you serious? How can a fan base built around drunken idiocy and unrelenting, annoying “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” chants be top of the list? A fan base as willing to boo their own players as the Eagles’ has no business cracking the list. Those fans have helped them win how many Super Bowls, exactly?

    But, hey, this is Fox.

  15. Objective Reality? Reality is youre an idiot.

    The Redskins have sold out every game at Fed Ex since 1997.

    Go back to sticking objects in your “reality”

  16. Agreed with all the comments about Philly. When I saw them on top ten (especially as high on the list they were) I bout choked… Gotta be kidding me.
    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices that Dallas’ fans are fair weather. Gets on my nerves when someone’s trashing the Redskins all season sayin Cowboys is the best (I live in Oklahoma so I get it ALL the time) and then because they don’t make it to the playoffs they’re on to someone else. Sick.

  17. There are NO other fans bigger than the redskins.Fans that stay with you if you win or lose.(True Fans) . We do not get a lot of hype like the dallas cowboys or even a ny giant,but we are there for our team (True Fans)

  18. Philly fans boo their own team and walk out when they are losing. Yeah, they rock!

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