On the Field for Practice – 8/19

  • Two of the most interesting things from this afternoon’s practice — under a blazing hot sun — were basically cosmetic. The first was Santana Moss‘s hair, blown out of its usual cornrows for the day. “Let it breathe a little bit. Nothing special, but sometimes you just got let it go natural,” he said.
  • Second was the flip in uniform colors, the offense wearing red and the defense white for the first time. “The offense will wear the color we’re wearing on Sunday,” Coach Zorn said.
  • Carlos Rogers is looking a bit better with each practice. Today he showed some good closing speed on a pass to Maurice Mann where he appeared to have been beaten (although the subsequent knockdown would probably have been called pass interference), and he also got in between Devin Thomas and a Colt Brennan pass for an interception.
  • Billy McMullen seems to have stumbled a bit in the WR race over the last couple of days, dropping passes that are hitting his hands and generally looking a step or two slow, like he’s nursing an injury or something. So that hypothetical sixth wide receiver spot seems to still be very much up for grabs.
  • One of the Z-shades blew over in a sudden gust of wind right into the players standing on the sideline, flattening Horace Gant and generally startling everyone.
  • Kareem Moore looked lively out there, getting some reps with the first team defense, hitting a little bit (and earning a rebuke from Maurice Mann for maybe being a bit TOO lively) and running out every play. “Just trying to get better, man,” he said. “The whole thing is to try to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.”
  • Coach Zorn’s gave updates on a couple of the recovering injured players. On Laron Landry: “We’re going to have to wait for maybe even another week. The good news is, he’s a veteran, and he understands the defense. But when he plays, he plays recklessly and at full speed, so he needs to be completely healed.”
  • And on Malcolm Kelly: “He’s taken a step forward with each practice.” Today, he ran a number of deep routes, not making any cuts yet, but looked good in the straightaway. Zorn said he doesn’t expect Kelly to be ready to play this week, though.
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7 Responses

  1. Is it possible for Kareem Moore to replace Doughty at SS in the starting lineup or is he strictly as FS?

  2. You say Rogers made an interception? Do you have a pic to prove he actually caught one?

  3. I think Doughty loses’ his starting job to Horton or Moore. dont know when, but they seem to be more talented and play at a more physical level.

  4. Dude, I’d almost be thinking that Laron is playing this hamstring issue out the same way Portis did last year. Where he didn’t practice or play the entire preseason, then was ready on day 1 of the regular season. I say almost because Coach Zorn did say the MRI showed Landry’s still not 100%, and he’s not the type to cover for someone.

    What do you think?

  5. The whole Landry issue is getting really old, and if its something more serious that the ‘Skins are keeping mum on, well they should disclose what’s going on. I know sometimes teams try to hide bigger injuries in hopes that things solve themselves without bigger steps being necessary. Hopefully they have Dr. James Andrews look at the muscle, and have him make a recommendation because he’s the man to trust when it comes to sports injuries. Period.

    As far as Doughty vs. the other safeties, well he’s got the experience in real games, so I think until he has a series of complete crap games, he stays at #1 on the roster spot. If he does play poorly, of course you investigate the other options on the team.

    Hopefully ‘Los plays up to his potential this year. If he does, our DB setup is going to be pretty scary. And then if the depth develops… well, Shawn Springs getting older won’t hurt us as much.

  6. Jason— I was thinking the same thing… Probably could have already been back, but doesn’t want to injure himself and be out for any of the regular season. Each time I read something about him that whats coming to mind.

  7. I agree completely. He’s one of my favorite players, so it’s not like I’m dogging him (or Portis, I love those guys), I just get the same feeling as I did when Portis was out indefinitely with a hamstring issue. I mostly hope he’s ready for the season, and that nothing is seriously wrong.

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