On the Field for Practice – 8/18

It was unbelievably hot out there today, reminding everyone that we’ve been lucky to have unseasonably pleasant practice weather for the last week or so.

  • Nice to see Malcolm Kelly back out in limited action, doing some warmups and light work with the other WRs before heading over to practice with the QBs again. “I ran for the first time yesterday,” he said, “and that was nothing compared to today.” He calls his chances of playing this week “pretty much a gametime thing.”
  • Coach Bugel was back at practice, hollering at guys like he had never been gone. “His fight is still not over,” said Coach Zorn. “He’s trying to concentrate on work, but part of his heart is still with his family.”
  • Colt Brennan had plays at both ends of the spectrum today, fumbling his first snap from center, but then completing a pass to Fred Davis between two defenders. I was next to Sonny Jurgensen for some of today’s session, and he called that second one “a difficult pattern to get the ball in. That was a perfectly thrown ball.”
  • Derek Devine seemed to struggle a bit, not always getting as much velocity on the ball as he usually does. At one point, he chose to throw the ball to his left to a double-covered receiver (where it was intercepted) rather than to the right at Rock Cartwright twenty yards downfield covered by London Fletcher. “You’ve gotta go for the back who’s taken the linebacker all the way down the field,” said Sonny. “That’s like being wide open.”
  • On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t have been — today was a very strong practice for Fletcher, who intercepted two passes and had a third go through his hands. “There’s a player,” Sonny said, “who practices like he plays.”
  • The punt coverage drill was interesting to watch, especially since the conventional wisdom is that in the numbers crunch of roster cutdowns, special teams play can make the difference. For this drill, guys took turns running at a tackling dummy to simulate an open run at the punt returner. If safeties coach Steve Jackson called a fair catch, the guys had to pull up. Some guys surprised me by slowing up a bit in their approach (Justin Tryon, to name one), but seeing Marcus Mason barrel through the dummy without hesitating certainly added some fuel to the idea that he can carve out a space for himself on the roster.
This is Mason upside-down post-tackle.  Apologies for blurriness due to distance and Mason's speed in the approach.

This is Mason upside-down post-tackle. Apologies for blurriness due to distance and Mason's speed in the approach.


6 Responses

  1. So were any roster questions answered in New Jersey?

  2. I don’t think anything was finalized, no. Consensus of people I’ve talked to (no one with any personnel say at all, in this case) is that Vernon Fox didn’t do himself any favors — Kareem Moore was with the first team defense again at practice today — and that Marcus Mason looked strong again. But that’s all I’ve heard.

  3. Thank, Matt. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Yeah, with Favre burning the first team D, any non-starters probably hurt their standings if they were on the field in place of other starters. Hopefully the team takes the mistakes they made on Saturday and can learn from them.

    Is Landry close to full speed in practice? I’m curious how things will go heading in to next week.

  5. Love the comments by Sonny.

  6. I would love to get a few more stories on Marcus Mason… Maybe an interview?

    I really agree with the poll on Redskins.com right now, it asks what the team should do with him and about 75% or so agree that he has earned a roster spot.

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