Saturday, August 16: Gameday, Redskins @ Jets

Or, as the relatively spirited media coverage would have you believe, Redskins @ Favre. Or, perhaps even more accurately, Favre and ten other dudes against a bunch of other guys from somewhere else. Joe Theismann has characterized the move to New York as “a disaster for Brett Favre,” which, if true, would leave a lot of distraught TV sportscasters in its wake. Yes, Favre fatigue has set in for me as well.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of things I’m interested in watching at tonight’s game.

  • I want to watch Fred Davis in a game situation, not only catching the ball, but also running routes and blocking. As I noted the other day, he’s had real highs and lows through training camp, but everyone I talk to thinks he’s a real gameday kind of guy.
  • As you’ve probably gathered after my week of increasing enthusiasm for the guy, I’m also interested to see what Devin Thomas can do in his return from injury, and against other competition.
  • And the rookie O-linemen as well. Chad Rinehart, Devin Clark, and even Andrew Crummey have all had impressive moments in the last few days, and Clark and Crummey might complicate things at final cuts. (Rinehart is a high enough draft pick that he seemed likely to make the team as soon as he demonstrated his ability.)
  • I haven’t listed anyone on the Redskins defense to watch, because I’m terrified that I will be unable to tear my eyes away from the awesome gunslinging majesty of Brett Favre when he’s on the field. If I absolutely HAD to pick someone, though, I (like everyone else) would be carefully watching Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers as they make their post-injury debuts.
  • Your Satruday recommended reading is Rich Tandler’s review of the history between the Redskins and the (pre-Favre) Jets, and I’ll be back later, updating from the Meadowlands through the game.

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