Redskins @ Jets – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • Well, this looks much crisper already. Of course, it’s the third quarter of a preseason game, so that could mean literally anything, but I suppose it’s better to come out looking sharper than the opposite, no matter what the reason is.
  • Suisham boots one through, and the hold by Durant Brooks looked perfectly good. It’s his punts that have been somewhat lacking, with an average that’s currently at 38.7 — substantially lower than the target of 42 yards that’s been mentioned. And to think that we all thought the punting battle would be dull.
  • That sack of Derek Devine was another one where getting rid of the ball quicker would’ve helped, but still not exactly exciting to see a guy getting by Chad Rinehart like that.
  • Brett Ratliff comes in for the Jets and immediately zips a completion 22 yards to Dustin Keller. I can’t hear any TV announcers, but I would not be even remotely shocked to find out that they attributed that sort of moxie to the gunslingin’ influence of Brett Favre.

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