Redskins @ Jets – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Didn’t look like Durant Brooks had any sort of problem with the hold on the field goal, so I guess all that practice on the Jugs machine did its thing. Incidentally, the Washington Post front Sports page spent most of the day convinced that Brooks had changed his last name to Smith, but the jersey still says Brooks. Just to alleviate any potential confusion.

  • After one series each, the second string guys for both teams are looking a little rusty. Can we blame the Brett Favre hangover for affecting a bunch of guys who haven’t even been on the field the same time as him?, or is that excuse not valid in this situation?
  • As Rock Cartwright accelerated through the line on that 73 yard run, I found myself surprised that he had the breakaway speed to get away from the defense. So it wasn’t exactly a shock when the defensive back caught up to him at the 10.
  • The press box here in the Meadowlands is both enormous and incredibly high up from the field. I think it’s the view from the start of the Samsung commercial with the Jets instant replay — the one that ends with the guy in the red shirt dancing some sort of hornpipe. It’s a very different experience from the FedEx pressbox, which is lower down but not as centered.
    Pressbox as seen from the sideline.

    Pressbox as seen from the sideline.

  • That Devine interception is not going to quiet the hordes of Colt Brennan supporters who will be furious that he wasn’t put in for the shaken-up Collins as a birthday present.
  • Word from people sitting near’s Peter King is that he’s been paying a tremendous amount of attention to his fantasy baseball team, possibly more than he’s appeared to be paying to the game.
  • After giving up the hit that knocked Todd out of the game, Chad Rinehart has settled down and played solidly, which is good to see in a young guy.
  • A ragged two-minute drill ends a ragged half of football, the first time that’s happened during Zorn’s tenure as coach.

2 Responses

  1. Sonny just mentioned that you (per Sonny, “The Redsins blogger”) had reported that Tom Cruise was in the stadium (apparently no one else picked up on that), and said that we had played poorly the last time he was here also, and that we shouldn’t invite him back. Sam’s comment was, “He’s a friend of Dan Snyder, you tell him.” Best comment I’ve heard from Sam in a while.

  2. Good God this blog is a giant load of crap.

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