Redskins @ Jets – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • Colt Brennan checks in at quarterback. Happy 25th birthday to Colt, and he starts with a birthday three and out.
  • Durant Brooks follows that up with his best punt of the night, 59 yards in the air, which brings the average up a bit.
  • It’s remarkably empty in the Meadowlands right now, to the point where I have no idea how the stadium cameraman is finding large enough crowds of people to show on the Jumbotron. I was actually surprised that the crowd wasn’t larger even while Favre was in, and now that he’s gone it looks like a Nationals game out there.
  • A couple more nice hits this quarter by Justin Hamilton. Maybe all the people who emailed me questions about him when I was talking to Scott Campbell were onto something.
  • After Colt Brennan receives the loving gift of a birthday sack on third down, Brooks gets off another good punt, and again Fred Davis is in on the tackle, which is nice to see. It’s been a decent game for Davis for the most part.
  • It was pointed out to me in an email that anyone can see the press box from the outside, but not everyone gets to look inside. An excellent point. So here’s the press box as the fourth quarter approaches the two minute warning. The vacant seats were previously occupied, but people like to start making their way down to the locker rooms as early as possible.

  • As of this minute, Colt Brennan is the gunslingeriest gunslinger in this game, but did he move the ball TOO quickly? 1:09 is a lot of time for Brett Ratliffe.
  • Also, nice to see former Terp Jason Goode on the receiving end of that touchdown. And, since Zorn’s stated reason for moving Brennan to the fourth quarter was to see what he could with a two minute drill, that has to be rated as pretty solid success for the birthday boy.
  • You know, that joke about 1:09 and Brett Ratliffe would’ve been a bit more amusing if the Redskins defense hadn’t suddenly started bouncing off Jets players like superballs on this drive. After a relatively uninspiring game, this is a tense finish.
  • And, that, frankly, is what Jets coach Eric Mangini deserves for attempting to send a preseason game into overtime from the five yard line. Unbelievable decision.
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16 Responses

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Colt!
    Way to deliver the team a birthday PRESENT!!!

  2. HAhahahahaha – the Mangenius!!!

  3. What is the “team section” of the press box? Who sits where? And is it really, actually non-partisan up there?

  4. What a bonehead. Could Mangenius make himself look any more like an idiot?

  5. “And, that, frankly, is what Jets coach Eric Mangini deserves for attempting to send a preseason game into overtime from the five yard line. Unbelievable decision.”

    I said the exact same thing. What an idiot! You want to risk injury to your team to win a pre-season game?! Unbelievable.

  6. I bet if bloggers were paid by the word, they’d have much more to say, LOL.

    And why is Mangini everyone’s butt-boy for going through his end-of-game drills? You guys would be crucifying him if he told his QB to take a knee. When are you supposed to practice kicking a game-ending field goal if not during the pre-season?

  7. You don’t tell him to take a knee, you go for the touchdown.

    It gives the jets an opportunity to practice a game-ending touchdown scenario to prepare for the regular season. If monkeyface had his way there would be mandatory overtimes in all preseason games. Oh and the preseason would be extended to 8 games…. give me a break

  8. Improbable end to a game that meant nothing. Seeing the 2 minute drill was nice, but I agree that they almost got things done too quickly. Maybe Goode should have taken a knee at the 1 yard line to kill some clock? Probably not, but in a game where 2 players went out with injuries it was good just to get it over sooner rather than later.

    Just not exactly encouraging to see the pass rush a step behind the speed they will need to actually get to the QB while he still has the ball. That’s why its still the preseason though.

  9. Man, if this blog is Danny’s answer to Redskins Insider, I’d say it’s game, set, and match to the Washington Post.

  10. Yeah, cuz that first half report they’ve got going right now on the ‘Insider is hott. Could we at least get a 2nd half summary instead of Jasno bailing to hurry back to DC? Showing up just to spam negativity seems like one of those “if you don’t have anything good to say…” type situations.

  11. Flunky, take your negativity back to RI. I have been reading RI for a while now and I have trouble stomaching the constant complaining (by both Jasno and his faithful followers). It is so old. I used to love RI because Jasno did have an inside track and frequently posted information you could not get from other sites/blogs. Not the case anymore.

  12. Yeah, RI has become JasNo’s personal rant blog. I got tired of it pretty quickly. Sure there are issues with the Skins, but as a fan, I don’t want to be SO FOCUSED ON IT ALL THE TIME.

    It was a fun game at the end though, I still can’t believe Mangenius did that though. Ya think the veterans took Nugent out to dinner for missing that field goal?

  13. Matt,

    Classic delivery on the game blog. Keep it going it’s great.

    And hail to the Skinz!

  14. Who farted?

    Or is that just how this blog always smells?

  15. Is the NFL really so full of itself that there is surprise when people don’t show up for a meaningless “preseason” game (what used to be called “exhibition”)? Really? Is it that hard for people to figure out?

    Peter King apparently was shocked — shocked! — that the place wasn’t packed in honor of Favre.

  16. Some of the local media expressed similar sentiments, and what seems to be surprising them the most is that even if the ticketholders didn’t want to go, they couldn’t find anyone to give or sell their tickets to who DID want to see Favre’s “debut”.

    Which probably means that, yes, people overestimate either the draw of Favre or the significance of a preseason game. Possibly both.

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