Redskins @ Jets – First Quarter Thoughts

  • Kareem Moore gets the start at safety, but it looked like Vernon Fox didn’t know that was going to happen. Interesting.
  • Marcus Washington, who claims to feel healthy for the first time in two years and who has been incredibly energetic in practice, will forever be remembered in history as the first person to sack Brett Favre in a Jets uniform in a preseason game. It’s an honor, I’m sure.
  • The question about Jason Campbell going into training camp was if he’d be able to make the quick reads that Zorn’s offense requires. So far, he’s done well, but on that first third down, he very clearly held the ball far too long.
  • That first Jets touchdown sends TE Dustin Keller climbing up fantasy football draft boards everywhere. Also, Brett Favre, blah blah gunslinger, blah blah kid out there, etc.
  • Back out throwing, and looking much sharper. Clearly everyone was just overwhelmed by the aura of Brett Favre.
  • Betts walking off the field at the end of the quarter makes that one a win. The way he was tackled looked bad, and the way he was writhing in pain looked worse. The hush that hits the team section of the press box when a player goes down is incredibly grim, and makes the whole thing seem much more acute than when it happens at home.

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