On The Road Again

Today is a travel day, which means no real access to the players or the practice, and that we’ll be on the road shortly.

“On the road” today actually means on the rails — we’re travelling by train. This is something that had apparently gone out of fashion under Gibbs, but that Coach Zorn has brought back. The last train rides were under Spurrier, and the word around Redskins park is that they were pretty lively.

Train travel to an away football game is one of those things that triggers all sorts of nostalgic ideas, although I’m pretty sure that the charter train we’re riding up to the Meadowlands is pretty far removed from what you see in movies set in the middle of the 20th century. I’ve never seen or even really envisioned a charter train, so I’ve got no real idea what to expect.


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  1. Mike Wise has an interesting interview-ish thing posted on the Washington Post website. Might be linkworthy later if you do a collection at some point. The hardcore Vinny haters will see it as sucking up, but thus far in the season things have been going well, so I don’t think its out of line.

  2. a brickinthehead said: “Thus far in the season”…


    The season hasn’t started yet. That’s like declaring Steve Spurrier a success because he won in Osaka. It… don’t… mean… nothing.

    Vinny hasn’t accomplished anything. The combined Danny/Vinny record is about 8 games short of .500. They suck. They need an 8 game win streak just to get to .500. And .500 still sucks. Any praise for Vinny should be saved for when the REDSKINS WIN A FEW GAMES.

    Christ. Winning in preseason is like nailing your sister. Yeah, it counts, but bragging about it is just creepy.

  3. Trains are cool. Wish we could travel by train to games. For us it is a minimum of one day’s travel by air and $2000 in expense minimum!
    Have fun and be safe!

  4. Not counting mine, only 33 1/3 percent had any relevance to the blog. This is not good.

  5. Hmmm, can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a charter train either but it sounds nice lol.

  6. I was just watching this weeks episode of Hard Knocks training camp…the Cowboys took a charter train to the San Diego game. It looked fun! Was this similar to the Skins ride?

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