Hitting the Crossbar

For a week now, the quarterbacks and equipment guys and occasional guests have been trying to hit the goalpost after practice. Sometimes they aim for the crossbar, sometimes the right upright, but the basic goal remains the same: hit the designated part of the post from about 20 yards out. “It’s pretty much a ritual by now,” says Todd Collins.

And here’s the thing: Jason Campbell‘s getting pretty good at it, although no one believes him.

His first throw clangs solidly off the crossbar, and he smiles. “One for one,” he says. Santana Moss walks up and asks what the target is. Campbell explains, adding, “I’m one for one right now.”

“Right,” says Moss.

“No, I am,” Campbell says. “Ask him,” he says, pointing at me, and I confirm that I saw the first shot hit. “I hit on my first one yesterday, too, but no one saw that one.”

“Whatever,” says Moss, and joins in.

No one hits again, although Campbell manages to bounce one off the upright and all of Moss’s throws appear to skim just inches above the crossbar. (Hitting the wrong part of the goalpost is counted a miss, as Antwaan Randle El learned to his dismay the day before — he hit the crossbar on his first throw, but the target was the right post.)

Afterward, as Campbell walks back inside, Moss shakes his head. “I told Jason he’s gotta be better than me, because I’m not a thrower. If my ball looks almost as good as his, he’s slipping.” On the other hand, Campbell’s been hitting the thing pretty consistently. If the league ever institutes some sort of hit-the-post two point conversion or something, the Redskins are going to be in really good shape.


3 Responses

  1. I love how they just love to have fun.

  2. Good God this blog sucks.

  3. hey Finger Banger get a life… these teenagers of today suck ass

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