Friday, August 15: Pineapple Express in Redskins Park

Colt Brennan seems like a pretty good guy, from what I’ve seen. Generous with his time, happy to talk to fans and reporters and the like … the whole stereotypical laid-back Hawai’i thing really seems to have rubbed off on him. Sometimes, being a nice guy pays unexpected dividends, in this instance three cases of fresh pineapples.

“I signed some autographs for some people, and they sent me these to thank me, I guess,” he says. “But I’m still in a hotel for at least another week, and don’t have a kitchen.” Brennan takes two for himself and offers the rest to anyone who wants them, which turns out to be just about everyone who walks through the lobby of Redskins Park.

The only one to offer a specific method for eating them, though, is Fred Smoot.

“What you do is you cut the top off of it, take out the core, and put it in the refrigerator to get nice and cold. I used to make something called a ‘drunken pineapple,’ but I don’t do that no more.”

(Published at 7:55.)

11 Responses

  1. Yup- Colt understands Hawaiian culture- take what you need and share the rest. One more day of being 24!

  2. You need to find out more about this drunken pineapple Fred Smoot speaks of. I need a recipe… can you make it happen?

  3. Colt will share his talent & time with those who share their sincerety with him. In time, all ‘Skins fans will appreciate having a standup guy on their team. Hawaii fans have learned to share. Colt is World class!

  4. Maybe the “Drunken Pineapple” drink could be a rave amongst the games? Fans in the stands with Pineapples and straws getting loopy.
    That would be awesome to see. No other NFL team has that.

  5. This blog is not good.

  6. Ahh the drunken pineapple. ~AD, it’s basically, you just pour vodka into a pineapple. Then wait. The fruit soaks up all the alcohol and then you simply cut it up and eat it! Ever had sangria? It’s like that. It’s especially awesome with pineapples (and watermelons) because for some reason they get all fizzy when you bite into them.

  7. Yeah, ~AD you can do it with vodka or rum, and with watermelons as well. Makes for a good party :)

  8. Thanks guys I’ve heard of people doing it with watermelon, but never with pineapple. Guess I know what I’ll be eating/drinking this weekend! :)

  9. Drunken Loveboat Pineapple – You carve the core out into a dildo shape on both ends, and two prostitutes are required.

  10. […] — five different kinds of macadamia nuts — for us all to share. I’ve posted about pineapples that Brennan received, but the flow of gifts from the islands is more or less constant: all things […]

  11. […] stuff show up unannounced for players on the team. I doubt anything will match the sublime joy of Colt Brennan faced with dozen of fresh pineapples, but yesterday’s mail was certainly interesting: four cases of Texas Pete hot sauce for Fred […]

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