Thursday, August 14: The Age of Chinese Gymnasts is Fascinating

It seems like all anyone’s talking about these days are young looking Chinese gymnasts, attractive Americans falling on the balance beam, Michael Phelps, and the idiotically-named Redeem Team, so I thought I’d see what players thought about some of the Olympic drama.

“I’m a track and field guy,” says Fred Smoot, “And you know I’m gonna watch the basketball.” How about the gymnastics? “Eh, my girl might watch, you know, but me … I can’t say I’m gonna sit there and watch people flip off of trampolines or whatever they do.”

Matt Sinclair is optimistic. “I’ll give [the Chinese women’s team] the benefit of the doubt, because it’s the Olympics and I want to believe it. I love the Olympics.”

And London Fletcher is more cynical. “My wife and I were looking at the Chinese women, like … yeah?!? And then you see the American girls, and there’s a tremendous difference.”

For a large group of players chatting after practice, though, the video of American gymnast Alicia Sacramone punching a guy in the face makes up for any other Olympic disappointments. It’s a difficult point of view to argue with, really.

(Published at 7:55.)


One Response

  1. Matt,

    I am the one who wrote about the drama above. I have much higher confidence that Alicia will be fine after seeing her punching a guy in the face.

    She just flat knocked him cold!

    She’ll be ok.

    Go Rams!

    Take care,

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