On the Field for Morning Practice – 8/14

Much lower energy day than the last two, at least from a verbal chatter standpoint. Guys seem ready to break camp, get out of the NCC and back to their houses, so maybe that was keeping them subdued.

  • Fred Davis has had an interesting camp, alternating some really impressive catches with some mental mistakes, and today was a microcosm of that. One second he’s reaching out to snag a pass one-handed and turn upfield; the next he’s dropping one that hits him in the numbers over the middle. Some people have suggested that he goes harder in games than he does in practice, so he’ll be worth keeping an eye on Saturday night.
  • In a three minute drill — the offense trying to run out the clock, the defense trying to get the ball back — both the first and second team offenses were stopped without getting a first down. Billy McMullen made a nice catch and move on 3rd and 8 that looked close to a first down, but he was ruled stopped before getting to the marker. Fred Smoot was disappointingly subdued through the whole thing.
  • In recurring practice notes, Jason Taylor batted down another pass, and Devin Thomas made another nice catch.
  • Rookie Devin Clark continues to look good, on one play completely shutting down fellow rookie Rob Jackson to allow Jason Campbell time to complete a long pass to Santana Moss. “There’s still little things I need to polish up on. I’m just coming out here trying to get better every day — work on my technique every day. The Jets game is just another interview, you know?” he says.
  • Overheard: After running downfield in coverage of Santana Moss, London Fletcher shouts over to Vinny Cerrato, “Hey, Vinny, it takes a special kind of mike linebacker to make that play!”
  • Malcolm Kelly was out on the field, rehabbing on the exercise bike and watching practice from the sidelines. Like everyone else, he was in shorts; unlike everyone else except for Rock Cartwright, he was wearing shorts with the number 31 embroidered on the leg. “I don’t know where mine are,” he said. “You ain’t gonna fine me for it, are you?”

4 Responses

  1. Good stuff, thanks for the posts. These practice updates are really insightful.

    I wonder how the backup safeties are doing. I hear good things about Moore…

    Devin Thomas sounds like he’s picked it up quite a bit.

  2. I’ll try to get something specific on Horton and Moore this afternoon.

  3. Are they going to being selling versions of those practice shorts? They look sweet!

  4. I was wondering how Justin Hamilton looks. Dude was a beast last Saturday. When are they gonna cut Patrick Ghee?

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