Photo Contest: First Place WINNER

Photo by Donald Robinson.

Photo by Donald Robinson.

The runaway winner, with eleven first place votes, is Donald Robinson’s shot of LaRon Landry frozen in midair. One of those first place votes came from Santana Moss.

“Oh, that’s cool,” Moss said. “Did he catch that thing?” Good question, and I didn’t know. So I asked LaRon.

This picture of you won the fan photo contest on the blog.

He gives a genuine looking smile. “For real?”

Yep. So do you remember that one? Did you catch it?

“Nope. I missed it. I just couldn’t quite bring it down. I think it would’ve been a challengeable play, though — maybe could’ve be a catch and a fumble.” Landry shakes his head. “That’s a really decent picture, though. Whoever took this is a great photographer,” he says, smiling, and walks off with the printed photo.

So Donald Robinson is the winner of the two tickets to August 28th preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Congratulations to Mr. Robinson, and thanks to everyone who entered.


2 Responses

  1. […] Zorn “looked VERY good,” intercepting one Colt Brennan pass and leaping in the air a la the winning photo from our contest for another that he just missed. “I was a little worried about the leg on that jump, but it […]

  2. Will there be anymore photo contests? I thought I heard an announcement that there will be at the game yesterday.

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