On the Field for Morning Practice – 8/13

  • Another lively practice, the last one in pads for 2008 Training Camp; the players get to leave their rooms in the NCC this evening, and return to their relatively normal lives. Coach Zorn’s official announcement of this was met with actual Hallelujahs and cheers.
  • Like yesterday, Fred Smoot brought his A-game, at least as far as talking goes. His on-field performance wasn’t bad by any stretch — he stuffed at least one running play, which he celebrated by slapping the field and shouting “LUMBER!” — but most of the action went away from him. Smoot coped with this dilemma admirably: by criticizing the offense for not involving him more. “Y’all don’t come at me, I can’t make no play!” That kind of adaptability is valuable.
  • Erasmus James looked very good, beating Chad Rinehart with spin moves in both one-on-one drills and 11-on-11s. “Getting better every day,” James said.
  • Another good practice for rookies named Devin. Tackle Devin Clark looked strong in one-on-one drills, dominating both guys he faced, and Devin Thomas continued to impress, making a tough catch while tangled up with his DB.
  • Guys coming back from injury (or discomfort) were making plays as well. Rocky McIntosh stuffed Ladell Betts at the line (Fred Smoot: “I SEE YOU, ROCCO!”), and Jason Taylor batted down yet another pass and showed no ill-effects of the plantar fasciitis that had him held out of yesterday’s afternoon session. “That’s the way it is,” Coach Zorn said, “sometimes it just flares up. He’s been dealing with it for a while.”
  • Colt Brennan may have driven the offense to a touchdown in a two-minute drill, threading a pass to James Thrash in the back of the endzone as time ran out, but the defensive players argued that rookie Rob Jackson would’ve had Brennan sacked if he had been allowed to touch the QB. For what it’s worth, I tend to agree with the defense on this one. Still a nice throw and catch by Brennan and Thrash, though.
  • And, much to my joy, we saw the return of “people throwing things at the quarterbacks” — in this case, the drill designed to teach the QBs how to get hit. “When you know you’re going to get hit,” Coach Zorn explained on the field, “you lose concentration, and you start going back tentatively.” Then they all threw pads at each other.

    More pad throwing pictures after the jump.

4 Responses

  1. So “going back tentatively” is the wrong way to get hit. Could you tell from the drill or what Zorn said the right way to get hit? Is it to keep going back at the same pace? I’m really curious what Zorn was trying to teach. Thanks!

  2. Devin Clark getting some love? He looked good Saturday night… they may have some young gems on the O-line, but also have some older guys who could play “right now” if needed. I sense Wade is in trouble… maybe even Heyer given had poor he looked in Canton.
    How many O-lineman will they keep, and as in the old days, could they find an “injury” to a young guy or two to stash on the IR for a year of growth and to replace some older guy (Fabini, Kendall) next year?

  3. GO Colt!!! (bwahahaha!)

    Go ‘Skins!

  4. TO: JDSer.

    In answer to your question about the ‘right way to get hit’….

    The RIGHT WAY to get hit is to LOWER YOUR PADS and DELIVER a blow [as necessary]! ‘Case you had not noticed, J.C. [Jason Campbell] is no pygmie!

    I’M Sure in that [In HIS] early years, you’ve seen Donovan McNabb do the same!

    So what EXACTLY were YOU questioning about J.C.?

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