Tuesday, August 12: Injury Update!

A late add to yesterday’s injury report: Larry Michael, Redskins Radio play-by-play man, has a torn MCL in his left knee.

Larry Michael and knee brace

Larry Michael, with injured knee.

“I fell off a wall while doing some work in my garden,” Michael says.

Defensive end Chris Wilson is incredulous. “Why would you say that, man? Why not say that you challenged Mike Sellers or something?”

Yeah, I suggest, say that someone rolled up on it on the sidelines or something. “No,” Michael says, “it was just one of those things. I walked around on it all day, and it kept getting worse and worse, and then I saw the team doctor after the game ended Saturday night and he told me it was a torn MCL.”

Kicker Shaun Suisham, soaking in an ice bath after practice, attempts to coax Michael into the second ice tub. “You’ve gotta ice that thing,” he said. “Do the show from the ice, it’ll be great TV.”

“You’re all just trying to electrocute me,” Michael says. No, I assure him, the wireless mic will keep you from being electrocuted.

“Right,” Wilson says, “like a cordless phone in a pool,” but Michael still isn’t buying it, and just like that a bit of potentially brilliant footage is irrevocably lost.

Sonny Jurgensen, who does color for the games alongside Michael’s play-by-play, takes the veteran athlete’s approach, shrugging and coming just short of suggesting that Michael rub some dirt on it. “He’s gonna have to go,” Jurgensen says, “even if he’s hurt. Nothing else we can do.”

Redskins.com TV producer and reporter Rebecca Mejia believes that Michael has that sort of fortitude. “He’s done whole shows after having a root canal. And he doesn’t mention it all day, just finishes up and says, ‘I’ve gotta get out of here, I had this root canal and it’s killing me.'”

Mejia sees another bright side in Michael’s condition. “He can empathize now with player injuries. It brings a new level of authenticity to the injury report.”

For his part, Michael remains stoic. “Haven’t missed a game, haven’t missed a play,” he says.

Michael is listed as probable for Saturday’s game against the Jets.


14 Responses

  1. This is all a lie! A coverup! I know what really happened — it’s the kind of injury you can only get when you’re on your knees. In front of Danny Boy.

  2. Damn, this is as close we’re gonna get to him missing a game. What a relief that would have been.

  3. Gotta suck it up, Larry. Sonny and Sam are going to ride him mercilessly if he whines.

  4. Maybe he can go on injured reserve for about 20 years and they can substitute Frank Hertzog back in.

  5. I agree with Jim. Man he is horrible to listen to. I mean he seems like a nice enough guy and all but the broadcast hasn’t been anywhere close to where it was with Frank. Listen to every other NFL radio broadcast and you’ll see how horrible ours is. Can’t they get Theismann and the rest of the Comcast tv play by play announcers to get into the radio booth once the season starts?

  6. larry michaels sucks as an announcer. horrible to listen too and doesn’t keep up with the plays, or the down and distance.

    is that better moderator?

  7. Paging Frank Herzog……..

  8. That’s a shame…what will it take to get him out of the booth?

  9. Ok, enough Larry bashing. I am laughing at the pure humor in this story. I mean how ironic is that.

    Larry, hope you feel better! Although I think as the Director/VP of communicationss you should spice up the booth a bit!

  10. Love this blog entry, and think that Larry does a great job in the booth.

  11. Yeah,… let’s put Theismann in the radio booth. I’m sure Jurgensen is anxious to be close to #7.

  12. “I fell off a wall while doing some work in my garden,” Michael says.

    Dammnnn, why couldn’t the wall have been 30 feet high?

  13. screw you guys, Larry is awesome. hes got it all. frank sucked anyhow…

  14. Larry Michael is a pompous ass who thinks he knows everything……HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rick Schlauch Beer and Chips, helps it go down easy and poop yellow!!!!!

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