On the Field for Morning Practice – 8/12

Players were lively and enthusiastic at practice today, which essentially means that there was a LOT of jawing going on. Maybe it’s the nice weather — cool breeze, warm sun — or the impending end of two-a-days or just guys feeling good, but this was fun to watch.

Jason Taylor and Chris Samuels

Jason Taylor and Chris Samuels

  • In the one-on-one lineman drills, it was good to see Erasmus James getting worked back in with a nice pass rush against his guy, but the highlight was probably the Jason Taylor/Chris Samuels matchup. Taylor faked to the outside, then cut back to the inside and made it past Samuels fairly cleanly. Just practice, but that’s exactly the kind of speed rush move that everyone started hoping for when the team traded for him.
  • If there was jawing going on, you can be pretty sure that Fred Smoot was involved. Smoot talks more on the football field than some people do in an entire day. I have never seen anyone with that much energy, ever. He was after the entire offense — “Y’all aint having a bad practice, we just that good!” — as well as Jason Campbell (“You supposed to be the superstar quarterback!”) and the various receivers.
  • Smoot and the rest of the defensive backs also continue to do the jumping shoulder/hip bump after a good play, notably today when Smoot broke up a pass intended for Billy McMullen. Does that thing have a name? “We’re just trying to replace the butt slap. We got the butt slap in contempt of court right now.” Okay. Maybe name it? “The team stands shoulder to shoulder, so let’s call it shoulder-to-shoulder.” I’ll be honest, I was hoping for something a little SmootSmack-ier, but good enough.
  • Justin Tryon made a nice play against the first team offense, getting inside position on Antwaan Randle El to intercept a deep Jason Campbell throw. This also led to lots of shouting, which I couldn’t quite here.
  • Marcus Washington was also pumped up today, starting the day singing Stevie Wonder — “Some days, you just feel like singing,” he said — and joining Smoot shouting at the offense. Here’s some of the Zen of Marcus from today:
    On the O-line jumping offsides: “Simon didn’t say move!”
    On a batdown of a long pass: “This is a no-fly-zone. We do not negotiate with terrorists!”
    On firing up the defense: “You gonna be the bug or you gonna be the windshield?”
    It’s all much more inspiring when you actually see and hear the 6-3, 244 pound guy in full gear jumping up and down and shouting it.
  • Washington was also one of two players (along with Jason Taylor) who got reprimanded by Coach Zorn for touching or nearly touching the QB during practice. It was that sort of day.
  • Devin Thomas looks very good, especially so soon after an injury. Made a bunch of catches, including one streaking down the sidelines that had the offensive players shouting, “Ain’t no one gonna catch him” over and over again.
  • And Coach Zorn called an end to the practice the only way that was appropriate, jumping up and down and screaming, “Yeah, offense!” in the same tone the guys were using. I’m pretty sure he was being ironic, but still … it fit the day.
More stylish shoes from Carlos Rogers.

More stylish shoes from Carlos Rogers.

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11 Responses

  1. Great stuff Matt. Love the quotes. Can you see if the Redskins have any interest in the recently cut Jay Feely?

  2. Matt, thanks for all the info, but tell Smoot he has to come up with a better name than “shoulder-to-shoulder.” The Marcus Washington quotes are great, would love to hear some of this stuff up close and personal.

  3. Agreed Matt. Love your blog. You’re doing a great job. You are the luckiest man on earth. Please let me know should you ever find yourself in “the weeds” and require an assistant. =)

    P.S. – F… Jay Feely

  4. Matt, I LOVE your blog…it is a refreshing reprieve from the many bloggers out in “space” writing with preconceived notions or secret vendettas against ____!(I’ll let you fill in the blanks!)

    Keep up the good work! And thanks for giving “normal” fans like us an inside look at the goings on of our favorite football team!

    Question: I’d love to see a picture of the “media” room at Redskins park…Is it possible?

    Also: From the way that Kelly looked before injury, can he spell James Thrash? Or is Thrash just so unique in what he brings to the table…that he’ll be the 3rd receiver….forever!?

  5. The media room isn’t anything but a big long table for laptops a tv and a vending machine, unless it’s changed from last season.

    Matt, It’s great to see Zorn having fun with the guys. Do you feel his “have fun” attitude leads to the players practicing harder?

  6. Ha! I just noticed to smiley face to the right of the General Information link! Nice touch Matt….

  7. Hey Matt, great post! Glad to hear that Jason Taylor is doing well, especially since he gets to practice against one of the best tackles (Samuels) in the game every day in practice. SMOOT IS HILLARIOUS by the way….ask him what he thinks of this line (to a WR) “you have 4 feet….but no hands!”

  8. Like your Redskin blog, now this is the kind of information, I like to read. Don’t get this kind of information from here in the south. Thanks Matt.

  9. Let’s come up with a name for THAT celebration…”shoulder to shoulder” is wack…lol. I’ll start. How about the “DC dap” or “The FEDEX Hop”. Not the greatest but I’m trying to get it started.


  10. I love that “Smack Bump”

  11. the butt slap should be in court. HILLARIOUS

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