Hawai’i Represents at the Car Show

Still not accustomed to seeing the green and white of University of Hawai’i athletics at Redskins Park, but as the Cult of Colt grows I probably should get used to it.

This is Dan, at yesterday’s Redskins Rides car show.

In a sea of burgundy and gold, Dan has found an alternative way to demonstrate his fanhood. “I was a Redskins fan back in the days when Mark Rypien used to throw the ball around, but I kind of lost touch” he says. “Colt is really what brought me back.” There’s some family influence here as well — his wife Dolores is a big Hawai’i fan, and is also hugely excited for Colt to come to town. As are people whose skin tone works better with that dark green than it does with burgundy, I suppose.

Ironically, most of Colt’s fans failed to notice him driving out of the parking lot in a BMW that would’ve been perfectly impressive under ordinary circumstances, but that was completely outshined in this specific context by things like Santana Moss’s fire-colored Dodge Magnum.


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