Sunday, August 10: Notes from Coach Zorn’s Press Conference

  • Lots of injury updates from last night, none particularly surprising — Antwaan Randle El is going to be practicing, Anthony Mix still unsure — but there was some news about three of the longer-term injuries. According to Coach Zorn, Erasmus James, Carlos Rogers, and Rocky McIntosh all feel great and believe they could go now, but the team is holding them back. “We want them around when start the regular season,” he says. “We’ve got enough other guys to look at in preseason even without them.”
  • Despite being known primarily as a passing coach, Zorn explained that he hadn’t taken many shots downfield because he didn’t need to with the running game working so well. “Oh, I was lying to guys” on the sidelines, he said, “I kept promising that we’d take a shot. I wanted to keep the clock running, and didn’t want to interrupt the running game while they were in rhythm.” Having seen other pass-happy coaches in the league unwilling to make similar concessions, this was great to hear.
  • Shawn Springs looked good at safety, and Zorn seemed pleased. “That’s part of his responsibility, especially in the red zone. I don’t know how much that’ll be our [defensive backfield] cast, but it’s an option.”
  • One thing Zorn mentioned a number of times was that there were two or three plays each week that he felt confident would work, “If the guys execute them well.” He offered up the screen pass to Ladell Betts that led to a touchdown as an example — “I just though it was a really good play, and our guys executed it well.”
  • Zorn spoke highly of the quarterback play, especially Jason Campbell’s, and said of the Todd Collins interception, “It wasn’t the throw, but the decision to throw that was the problem.”
  • Punter battle update: “Frost did a wonderful job … he was very specific putting the ball inside the 20.” (Which is exactly what Frost had characterized the other day as one of his strengths.) Next week, though, it’s expected to be the Durant Brooks show again, as Coach Zorn continues to switch punters on a game by game basis.

9 Responses

  1. Back to basics football is a foundation that can sustain all the “riskier” and more “exciting” aspects of the game. Coach Zorn continues to impress and IMHO, ‘Skins fans have an exciting season to look forward to!

  2. I felt the Z man was too conservative. It’s not like he was sitting on a big lead. To play not to lose is a proven method to get ones’ self fired.

  3. I thought he did a good job. Seen what was working and did it…it’s preseason. He knows what he’s doing.

  4. I think he was smart in playing basic football and being vanilla and still winning at that. Compared to Spurrier showing everything in Preseason. I will enjoy posting on this board. Since I have been banned from Extremeskins for not agreeing with a long time poster. The board is very biased. Put a bad taste in my mouth beinga long time skins fan.

  5. It would be great if Jason Taylor got his first sack as a Redskin from the Jets Brett Favre!!!

  6. Any chance we’ll see a change in backup qb

  7. Matt,

    This is off topic, but I have to know. Do the Redskins plan on wearning number 21 on there jerseys or helmets this year? As a huge fan of a departed Redskin I am actually kind of angry that I havent seen a 21 on the jerseys or helmets this year. It takes less than a year to be forgotten? That is disrespectful in my view. Anything information you can gather would be appreciated. 21 should almost become an official part of the uniform.

  8. I’ll find out if there’s any official sticker or patch planned this year, but I can assure you that there’s no need to be angry.

    Reminders of Sean Taylor are everywhere in Redskins Park and among the players, but many of them are deeply personal and kept private. I wasn’t here last year, but the people who were cannot discuss it without becoming very emotional — it’s clearly still a very fresh, excruciatingly painful memory for everyone.

    Whether or not an official reminder is allowed by the league, I absolutely promise you that no one here has forgotten anything or anyone.

  9. Thank you. And if you havent heard it yet. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. This is part of the daily reading for just about every guy in my office this year.

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