Saturday, August 9: Gameday, Redskins v. Bills

Start the day with Zach Berman’s profile in the Washington Post of WR Billy McMullen, one the players who has impressed me during training camp.

What’s I found most intriguing about the article was this:

[As a rookie] McMullen’s hands became suspect. As he adjusted to a complicated playbook and the fast pace of the NFL, McMullen struggled in the one aspect of the game most essential to a wide receiver: catching the football.

Watching McMullen over the last few weeks, what he’s impressed me with MOST is his ability to catch the ball away from his body, to reach out and grab it with his hands. (A skill that director of player personnel Scott Campbell lists as hugely important to a top-tier wideout.) So he may well have overcome this particular shortcoming, and it makes him even more interesting to watch through this preseason.

Be sure to check back here throughout the day, as I’ll be posting updates from FedExField this afternoon, as well as in-game observations once the game kicks off at 7:00.

(published at 8:55 a.m.)


4 Responses

  1. Matt, you have the best Redskins blog of all. Extremely informative, particularly when you pick Scott Campbell’s brain like you did in this McMullen article. It’s nice to get the insight of an informed scout/insider like Scott. Hope you continue picking his brain. Btw, tell Scott I can’t recall the Skins having a better set of draftees. Obviously, he’s doing a terrific job and I am glad he’s at the helm of our scouting department.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Agree with Hoya Skin, this blog really takes us inside, and with stuff I’ve never gotten near even being a LONG time game goer. Regarding catching the ball away from your body, did Campbell rate others? Santana’s got to be the best we’ve got at that, no?

  3. […] Billy McMullen, catching the ball away from his body over the middle for the first down. After reading that story […]

  4. Great insight, the thing that impresses me most about this guy is that when he catches a ball, he immediately looks for the 1st down marker. In the 1st pre-season game this year, he caught a pass and was running to his right, he could have gotten out-of-bounds without taking a hit, and it was second down. Instead he saw where the marker was, cut back, and lunged for the marker.>>>>>First Down>>>>>
    He seems to think very well on his feet.

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