Redskins v. Bills – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • Hey, it’s Gibran Hamdan – former Redskin, former Amsterdam Admiral, and proud former Potomac, MD, resident and product of Bishop O’Connell High School in Northern Virginia. I honestly didn’t know he was still in the league.
  • That fumble was forced by Justin Hamilton, which should make his surprisingly large contingent of internet fans very happy. Solid hit, too. Way to get a hat on the ball.
  • Colt Brennan comes into the game and the crowd gets loud enough that we can even hear it in the press box. His throwing the ball away on the next play is met with stony silence, though, so we’re not in Brett Favre territory yet.
  • The fans boo Jim Zorn when he elects to go for the field goal – “first time Zorn’s been booed in DC,” someone observes – but quiet quickly as they realize that absolutely no one wants to increase the chances of an overtime preseason game.
  • Big run by Potomac’s own Marcus Mason. A surprising amount of production for the legendary football factory of Potomac, Maryland, this evening.
  • The fans have all ganged up on one Dallas fan sitting just below the press box, 400 people chanting “Dallas sucks” at a dude in an Owens jersey and a Cowboys branded cowboy hat. That’s likely been the loudest noise since the last Redskins touchdown.

4 Responses

  1. Has John Lynch been signed yet? I know he is old but considering the depth we have it would be nice to see him sign with us.

  2. Yeah man that crowd was WILD! They were screaming “DOWN IN FRONT” and the loudest section BY FAR in the whole joint. I was looking down form 423.

  3. There was a Dallas fan at a Redskins home game against the Bills? A rhetorical question, is he insane? What a moran! And by the way, Dallas Sucks!

  4. I was in the guy’s section last night when the crowd got on him. He was wearing a Terrell Owens Jersey and a Cowboys undershirt. Fans finally began booing when he gleefully stood up and danced during a commercial break. Eventually, I counted 8 sections in our corner of the stadium that began booing him. Even some of the Redskins players on the end of the bench stood and smiled as the “Dallas Sucks!” chants began.

    Later, a guy walked down the aisle in a Tony Romo jersey escorted by a girl in a Chris Cooley jersey (i think they ripped a hole in the sports rivalry universe). One fan stood up and yelled, “Look, its Tony HOMO!” Eventually his section chanted “TO-NY HO-MO!” for about 2 minutes.

    I love FedEx Field fans

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