Redskins v. Bills – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Reed Doughty is such a joy to watch. It seems like every news story about the guy is a heartbreaking or heartwarming human interest story, but he really seems to enjoy playing football. Which is a long way of saying, nice sack there.
  • There’s Billy McMullen, catching the ball away from his body over the middle for the first down. After reading that story this morning … that’s good to see.
  • The blocking all the way in on the TD pass to Ladell Betts was genuinely excellent, including two separate great blocks by Jason Fabini.
  • Word just came up that the x-rays on Randle El are negative, so that’s more reassuring, I think.
  • I know Brennan was the big exciting media story this week, but I’m genuinely glad to see Todd Collins back in again. For me, I’d rather have the second string guy get some experience in the system rather than the rookie. (This is not a knock on Colt. He’s looked good so far, and I hope he continues to develop, but I’m firmly of the mindset that you need a veteran backup in the NFL.)
  • And of course just as I finish typing that, Collins throws an interception. Looked like the receiver (Maurice Mann, I think) wasn’t sure if he was the target or not. (In fact, the pressbox chatter has it that two receivers pulled their hands away from it, which I didn’t see.) I find it mildly amusing that the Bills have a corner named Reggie Corner, though.

One Response

  1. That interception was partly #80’s fault (he pulled his hands down, I screamed it out in the stands, and partly Todd’s fault, it was too high. He’s gotta stop that high pass stuff, his recievers will mutiny.

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