Redskins v. Bills – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • LB Rian Wallace got in and put a hit on Hamdan there (although credit Hamdan for not falling down). I cannot believe how quickly these guys come back from their injuries.
  • Anthony Mix apparently just has bruised ribs, according to the report that just came up here, which means the sixth wide receiver competition is still in full swing.
  • It’s the wave. I can’t say I really expected the wave at a preseason football game, but people seem terrifically happy about it. It appeared destined to circle for quite some time, until the fumble recovery by Rian Wallace interrupted it. Not entirely disappointing – I’ve always had a bit of an antipathy toward the wave.
  • And the wave is back. It just seems so much better suited to baseball.
  • Nice ovation for Marcus Mason, checking out with 10 carries for 67 yards. A bit premature, though, as he checks back in two plays later. (He ultimately will finish with 16 carries for 80 yards after being the primary back in the final drive.)
  • The Bills just illegally called consecutive timeouts, making this the second straight Buffalo Bills appearance at FedExField marred by that particular blunder. No penalty this time, though, because the timeout wasn’t granted by the official, which seems a bit arbitrary.

3 Responses

  1. That double time out thing incensed me, because the it was at the Bills’ game after Sean got murdered and we lost the game (not really) because of it. And now, a no call?

  2. Why you pickin on the wave ? I like the wave.

  3. I just got up and went outside to take a moment.
    I can’t believe you want to quash the wave.
    The wave is embraced by the Council on Physical Fitness for those of us over 50.

    We need to do everything we can to save the wave. It’s the only time many of us exercise all year long. The next best exercise is doing the ” YMCA ” to the overhead P.A,

    Otherwise Matt,, nice coverage and posting on game day. Keep it coming.

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