Redskins v. Bills – First Quarter Thoughts

  • The roster update before the game had Shawn Springs playing free safety in place of Laron Landry, which seemed like something to keep an eye on. He comes up well to make the tackle on the sweep left by Marshawn Lynch, and is in position to nearly intercept the pass on the next play. Tough to argue with.
  • So in the race for the sixth wide receiver spot, Anthony Mix would appear to have the edge — he’s the first WR4 we’ve seen. On the play, though, Campbell’s pass goes to Moss over the middle. That’s the kind of nice placement on the ball he’s had all training camp, although this nearly gets Moss killed. Gutsy to hold onto the ball, though.
  • Watching the game in the press box is really odd. It’s really, really quiet — not only does the press not cheer, as per NFL rules, but the glass does a very effective job of deadening the crowd noise with the exception of the one woman shrieking as if she’s being stabbed off to the right. The quiet mixed with the screaming mixed with the coffee is not doing wonders for my nerves.
  • Things I liked about the finish to the Redskins scoring drive:
    1. They went for it on fourth. (It’s preseason. Go for it.)
    2. They ran the ball to get the score, four straight times, I believe. I like the play action pass to Sellers or Cooley as much as the next guy, but it was nice not to see it here.
    3. The running play for the touchdown wasn’t gimmicky – Portis, following his blocker Sellers off tackle to the right. That should be a bread and butter thing.
  • As the quarter ends, they’ve announced a Randle El “right forearm injury, taken to the locker room for X-rays,” which is not exactly encouraging news.

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