Your Questions for Scott Campbell, Part 2

Your questions, continued. This is where you all got a little feistier. And be sure to read Part 1 as well.

Can you bring someone in to compete with Shuan Suisham? Have you considered AJ Haglund for the San Jose Sabercats of the AFL?

The tough thing with a kicker is that there’s only so much space. Bringing in competition takes up a roster spot that you could use for depth in practice to save your veterans. It’s a coaching decision, and we feel good about the kicking situation right now and didn’t feel there was a need. But that’s really more the coaching staff.

As far as the second part, in our pro department, we’ve got scouts assigned to the AFL and to the Canadian league. We’ve gotten some players from the CFL, like Chris Wilson, and we brought Mike Sellers back. It’s part of pro personnel to scout all the other pro leagues.


I’m going to read the first part of this one pretty much as written: “Why are the Skins so disastrously stupid when it comes to evaluating pro personnel? How do you get promoted when you evaluated guys like” Brandon Lloyd, TJ Duckett, or Adam Archuleta?

Maybe because I was not in charge of pro personnel when we signed those.

Oh, right, you were head of college scouting at that point.


How does something like that happen, though? I remember that Duckett seemed like a panic move, but other than that … is it just that a guy doesn’t translate from one team to the next?

Maybe. Maybe he’s used to one system, doesn’t work well in another. But we’ve had tremendous success with a lot of others. The ones that miss certainly get the attention. Lloyd wasn’t a fit, obviously, and Archuleta was kind of a role player that didn’t fit the defense. That’s two mistakes, but we’ve had a lot more hits than misses from that department, like Randy Thomas, Cornelius Griffin, Marcus Washington, London Fletcher, Shawn Springs, Randle El. Nobody bats a thousand, everyone’s going to miss a couple.


With Schweigert out, will the team take a look at ex-Falcons safety Jimmy Williams, from Virginia Tech?

Probably not. I believe he’s been suspended for the first five games, so whoever signs him, he’d have to sit out. I’d have to check that to be sure, but he’s had too much trouble off the field, and character-wise we wouldn’t be interested in him, no.


Who do you feel is the single best player on the Redskins roster, and why?

Single best player. Hm. That’s very hard. There’s a handful of guys. You can go immediately to guys like Chris Samuels, been to the pro bowl year after year. Solid, steady, a premier left tackle in the league. Clinton and Santana, and Laron Landry upcoming. Before he passed, Sean Taylor was definitely emerging to be a unique guy.

There’s too many. We’ve got a really good group of core contributors, and it’s hard for me to pick just one.


We resigned Justin Hamilton yesterday, and I got a few emails about it. Essentially, the question is, is he a player who can actually make the roster?

Well, he’s been here before with us. We had brought him in. He has depth, he has good size, he’s been a good special teams player before. You never know how things play out with injuries and stuff like that. It’s training camp, and all the positions are pretty competitive and anything can happen. We’ll really just have to see how things play out for him.


For small school players, how do they “jump off the tape” and get on your radar?

The main thing with small school guys is that they have to dominate their level of competition. If they don’t dominate at their level, it’s hard to project them playing at a major school much less the NFL.

I think a good rule of thumb is if they dominate their level, they’ll have a pretty good chance to continue their careers.


If you had to name a small school or undrafted player that you just knew on first sight was going to make it in the NFL, who was it?

Shannon Sharpe, out of Savannah State. It’s a smaller school in Savannah, and I remember waiting for him to come out after practice. I was talking to the head coach — and the players didn’t wear numbers on their jerseys, they were just all white and blue — and I kept asking the coach, “Is that him? Is that him?”

The coach said, “Scott, you’ll know him when you see him.” And this big muscular guy looked like a guy who didn’t even fit with the rest of the team walked out. I said, “That’s him, isn’t it?” And the coach just said, “Yep.”

Now people talk about him being a Hall of Fame candidate.


How much is the elimination of NFL Europa going to affect small school or slower developing players?

It gives them one less avenue to try to get seen on tape or evaluated by the scouts. It lessens their ability to be seen, so it affects them a lot.

Following up on that, do you think the NFL needs a minor league?

I think it would definitely be useful in terms of personnel. Having a place where you could go get players and develop your own guys … no question, that would be a personnel man’s dream to have something like that available to them. At the same time, I’m not going to be the one paying for it, so the owners would have to decide.


Another one I’ll read verbatim: “Could Carlos Rogers catch in college, and what happened since?”

I think he has struggled catching the ball a little bit. It’s one of those things, where when you start dropping a few, you press, and press, and try so hard and press so hard to catch, it makes it twice as bad. If he’d just relax and let himself be the athlete he could be, he could probably get himself going there.


Which is more rewarding, a top pick becoming an elite player (like Sean Taylor) or an unheralded one becoming a solid contributor (like Demetric Evans)?

I think the unheralded one who’s fighting against the odds, where you’ve seen something that no one else has seen, and he comes in to camp, and he hits and he makes it … that’s really rewarding.

8 Responses

  1. Why did you not draft Shawn Merriman-impact linebacker and probably one of best players in the draft he is right in your backyard-instead we drafted Carlos Rogers??? Also, Demarcus Ware was available!!!

  2. Merriman=Steroids

    The difference between Jimmy Williams and Justin Hamilton are night and day. Both safeties and both from Virginia Tech, Williams is basically an idiot with a ton of talent (that often goes unused) and Hamilton is less talented (although still solid) but plays with a ton of heart.

    As a VT fan, I’m proud of guys like Hamilton but at the same time proud that Williams was basically excommunicated from the university.

  3. And also, Arrington and Washington were the outside linebackers going into the 2005 season. There wasn’t as much of a need for Merriman as there was for Rogers at the time.

  4. WHERE ARE THE CHEERLEADERS?? I live on the left coast and am anxiously awaiting thier arrival 2…since i will never get to see them in person. When the new roster was announced, the site said there would be bios and pics “coming soon”. That was 3-4 months ago…what gives?

  5. Wow, GJ. Asked the hard hitting questions that the fans wanted answered, and Campbell basically gave good answers for most of them.

    When it comes to the draft, some people are always going to have soft spots for players they would have liked to see in the Burgundy and Gold, but sometimes its just not to be based on what’s available when time is on the clock.

    Any chance on an interview with Coach Smith about his role in offensive philosophy and how his experience has been since arriving in the nation’s capital?

  6. Thanks for asking the questions that it might have been a little uncomfortable asking. And thanks to Scott Campbell for answering them.

  7. Yeah, good job on the ‘internal media coverage’ (or whatever you call it). The Skins organization has clearly made it a priority in the past few years to communicate and interact more with the fanbase. Glad to get genuine insights like these. Thanks to everyone involved.

  8. Hey how do you get into scouting I have been watching and studing football players since I was 7 years old and believe I have a talent for it. I have recommened a couple of players to Vinny Cerato that he signed like Erasmus James when he was released . I am willing to learn and am a hard worker . I also said bring back Mike Sellers and that he sould take Anquan Boldin but they took Taylor Jacobs that Brandon Lloyd quit on the interception from last year.

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