Friday, August 8: Rock On Gold Dust Woman

There’s always music in the weight room, and it’s usually pretty much what you’d expect. A lot of rap, a lot of rock, a surprising amount of classic rock. On Tuesday, it was Metallica, which seemed about right to me. And then, Wednesday morning … Fleetwood Mac. Lots and lots of Fleetwood Mac. Landslide, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, and a bunch of other songs that I recognize but don’t know the names of. Wednesday afternoon, more Fleetwood Mac. Thursday, both lifting sessions, still Fleetwood Mac.

Maybe I’m just buying in to pointless stereotypes, but I found this genuinely surprising, enough so to ask some guys about it after yesterday’s afternoon practice.

Pete Kendall was the first guy off the field, so I stopped him and asked if he knew who was responsible for the selection. “Why are you asking me? Cause I’m the old guy?” No, you’re just the first guy off the field. “Oh. I have no idea.”

Flush with this success, I asked Cooley if he knew who had put Fleetwood Mac on. “Fleetwood Mac?” he said, genuinely enthused, “Now I’m excited that it’s my lifting day!”

Ryan Boschetti had no clue either. “It could be an assortment of guys. I can’t really narrow it down for you much. Maybe ask the strength coaches?”

I’d get to them, but Antwaan Randle El was standing right there, so that seemed worth a try. “No, I have no idea. Nope. Ask Mike Sellers or Smoot.”

Sellers was nowhere to be seen, but I did ask Fred Smoot, who just shook his head. “No idea. Those guys just have some weird taste in music is all.”

With the players giving up nothing, I finally turned to assistant strength and conditioning coach Harrison Bernstein. “Oh,” he said, “It’s us.”

It’s you guys?


Wow. Maybe I’m just shallow or something, but I would never have imagined Fleetwood Mac as workout music. Is it really effective to work out to?

“No, we don’t care about if it’s good to work out to. We just wanted to hear some Fleetwood Mac.”

And so another preconception crumbles to dust.


4 Responses

  1. What? No Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, or Chopin?

  2. Fleetwood Mac? (throws up in mouth)
    that Sucks

  3. Have you heard any comments from players regarding any of the games last night… since we face a handful of teams that played I was just curious?

  4. This must be some kind of motivational tactic… maybe they don’t want the players lingering around the weight room? Get in, get your reps, get out. Can’t see how that would be advantageous… maybe they want them angry?

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