Four Things I’ll Be Watching Tomorrow Night

It’s quiet at Redskins Park today, as far as access to the players is concerned. The morning’s “mock game” (apparently Coach Zorn doesn’t agree with the term “walkthrough” ) was closed not only to the public and the press, but to staff as well, and there’s no player availability the day before gameday. I’m currently getting ready to go do a walkthrough at FedExField in preparation for tomorrow night’s game, but wanted to mention four of the things I’m going to be focusing on as I watch tomorrow, based on what I’ve seen this week in practice.

  • The sixth wide receiver. Five wide receiver slots seem pretty solidly locked up (Moss, Randle El, Thrash, and the two rookies), which means that all the rest of the guys are likely fighting for one spot. I’ve been impressed with Billy McMullen’s ability to catch the ball away from his body, and Maurice Mann has looked strong at times as well.
  • The quarterbacks. Jason Campbell has had a terrific week of practice following his strong showing in Canton, and I want to see if it translates again. Nothing too shocking there. As far as Colt Brennan, we’re rapidly reaching the point where I’m even more interested in watching everyone else react to him than I am in watching him … although another showing like last week would certainly be fun to see. And Todd Collins is learning his first new playbook in a long time, so it’ll be interesting to see how he’s doing with it. I’ll be especially watching the speed that the QBs show getting out of the huddle and into plays, as that’s something that Coach Zorn emphasized last week.
  • The kicking battle, of course, but I suspect that I’ve covered that pretty thoroughly by now.
  • The safeties. Chris Horton made a few high-visibility plays last week, and I get the sense that everyone expects big things from Kareem Moore, so I’ll be looking to see what those guys do, especially since Laron Landry still isn’t expected to play.

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