Thursday, August 7: Roster Move!

I woke up this morning with the feeling that a huge roster move was going to be in the offing. Would the team have made a move for Brett Favre? Probably not — everyone here had been pretty blunt about that. But what about if Favre had gone to Tampa, and Jeff Garcia was available? Or if the Vikings cut Frerotte to make room for Favre, and my old In Gus We Trust shirt was going to become relevant again?

So when I got into Redskins Park today and saw a note on my computer, I was completely unsurprised. I knew by then that Favre had gone to the Jets and that the Jets were planning to release Pennington, so I figured that the Skins had decided to add an experienced West Coast QB to heighten competition at the backup spots.

Not exactly, but almost as exciting: “We signed free agent safety Justin Hamilton and released FB/TE Pete Schmitt.” A huge roster move indeed.

Site notes:

  • I’ll be taking your questions to director of player personnel Scott Campbell later this morning, so if you have things to ask but didn’t send them yesterday, you’ve still got a little bit longer to get them in.
  • I received far more entries for the RedskinsPope photo contest than I expected, so choosing the finalists has taken a bit longer. Next, a judging panel of players will choose their favorites, and the winner should be announced early next week.

4 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you got a lot of photo entries – hope you’ll display as many as you can. What about displaying them all at FedEx?

  2. any chance of seeing some of the finalist before you choose a winner?

  3. Frerotte is Frereal

  4. I sure hope Justin wants to hit!, he’s tall and rangy., He needs to step up and challenge our young safeties, And Vernon Fox, dont think wer not watch’nU, Mr Special Teams, itz time to do more. Cant hold up roster spots, we only have 53, and Marcus Mason wants to play…..

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