On the Field for Afternoon Practice: 8/7

  • Punter battle quick update! While the team practiced punt protection, both punters had a few good high punts, and they both had some … less good-looking ones. Afterward, I overheard a few people reiterating that Frost is expected to get all the punting Saturday night.
  • In 11-On-11, Todd Collins rolls out while being chased and hits Billy McMullen in stride coming across the middle. Nice throw by Todd, who’s been looking sharper the last few days.
  • The first team offense looks sharp in the Red Zone, starting with three straight Campbell TD passes (to Moss, Thrash, and Randle El) and not really letting up from there. Just shorts and shells, but it certainly was fun to watch.
  • Fred Smoot made a nice move to get inside of either McMullen or Toler (couldn’t see if it was 16 or 18 from my angle) and knock down a Colt Brennan pass. Colt actually had a little bit of a rougher practice this afternoon, not looking quite as on-the-money as he did this morning. Still got completely mobbed by the media afterward, though.
  • Anthony Montgomery and Rian Wallace both participated in practices today, both coming off their hand injuries. That’s quick healing, and good to see.
  • Carlos Rogers debuted some bright orange Nikes, which Smoot referred to as “Nike Air Smoots”.
  • In an afternoon continuation of the post-practice hit-the-crossbar competition, Jason Campbell managed to get it, as did equipment manager Anders. Campbell looked genuinely pleased with his accomplishment.
  • Also, only one link today, and it’s non-Redskins, but this Boston Globe article about a guy going on a quest for the 19-0 Patriots merchandise that got shipped to Central America is a terrific read, and one of those ideas that I wish I’d thought of.

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  1. LOL, i think that smiley face was when u put the eight and the parenthesis together. 8)

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