On the Field at Morning Practice: 8/7

  • Justin Tryon made a great athletic move to tip a Derek Devine pass, which Leigh Torrence dove to intercept. Both the tip and the interception were impressive plays. On the next play, Devine came right back and zipped a fastball in to Maurice Mann along the far sideline.
  • Colt Brennan completed a nice long arcing pass over the defense to Anthony Mix on his first snap in 7-On-7 drills.
  • Sad news: Todd Yoder’s facial hair is gone. “I’ve gotta keep people on their toes,” he says. “You’ve just gotta wait to see what’s next.”
  • The pass rush looked very strong in today’s practice, and there have been times where Carter and Taylor together have looked dominating. Both first- and second-team offenses came up short in two minute drills, largely because of the aggressive defense, but it was interesting to watch Coach Zorn get with the quarterbacks after every play.
  • The quarterbacks and equipment guys finished the day trying to hit the crossbar from about 20 yards away. How’d it go? “Everyone missed,”says Todd Collins. A minute later, Derek Devine leaves the field. “Got one on the last try,” he says with a smile. “Just gotta keep trying.” Assistant equipment manager Anders Beutel backs him up. “Yeah, he got one, but everyone else was gone.” Nevertheless, Jason Campbell remains skeptical. “We have no proof,” he says. But Anders backed him up. “Oh, Anders backed him up? Probably paid him off.”

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