A New Twist In The Punting Battle

The punting battle has seemed pretty cut and dried: you’ve got the rookie, Durant Brooks, challenging the incumbent, Derrick Frost. They’re competing based on hangtime, net distance, and ability to hold for field goals, and that’s it.

Today, a new twist emerged: a challenger for the position of long snapper, in the person of Wizards’ coach Eddie Jordan’s 10 year old son Jaxon, who spent a good bit of time today operating the Jugs machine for holding practice.

Jaxon Jordan prepares to snap the ball.

Jaxon Jordan prepares to snap the ball.

Asked if he had ever done anything like this on a football field before, Jordan simply said, “No,” before adding, “It was fun.”

Incumbent long snapper Ethan Albright responded with a mixture of admiration and disbelief. “He did fantastic, and it seemed like he was having fun,” Albright said, “but it’s amazing how fast you go from the penthouse to the outhouse.”


2 Responses

  1. how do you use the jugs machine to practice long snapping? i thought it was only used to practice fielding punts and catching short-range zip passes.

  2. When I was 10, I only WISHED I could operate the jugs…

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