A Guest At The Park: Talking to Coach Eddie Jordan

Washington Wizards head coach Eddie Jordan was a guest at practice today, along with his son Jaxon and assistant coach Mike O’Koren. Jordan, looking notably leaner than he does on TV, was an enthusiastic visitor who spent his morning intently watching practice, chatting with Vinny Cerrato, and meeting with Coach Zorn after the session ended. I talked to him for a few minutes about his experiences with football.

You used to play football, right?

Yeah, I played at [Archbishop] Carroll [High School]. We were #1 in the city for two years, had a very good team. Maus Collins was the legendary coach who just passed away in the spring. All my buddies were here who used to play football with me.

And you were a wide receiver?

I played receiver and defensive end. The best player in the city played with us, Art Daniels, Skip McDaniels was the QB … we really had a terrific team. Ron Joiner, our defensive end. We played everywhere. Up in Pitt, NY, Staten Island, just because people wanted to play us.

So does all this still seem familiar to you?

It does. I tell people baseball is my first love, because back in the sixties, baseball was the most prominent sport and my dad played baseball. Football was right behind there. I loved playing football. I emphasized basketball once my senior year was over, because we had a park in southeast DC that I could practice in on my own. It’s hard practicing football on your own, but you can practice basketball with a ball and a hoop.

And this is your first time at Redskins Park?

First time ever!

So what do you think?

Everyone’s been very accommodating. Talked to Vinny, Coach Zorn, everyone’s been very hands-on. We watched the players, we watched contact, scrimmages, drills … they even got my son involved. That’s a lifetime experience.

I saw Jaxon working the Jugs machine. [Blog note: more on this later today.] Are you going to get him into long snapping?

Well, I’ve got to get him out of just basketball, get him to play baseball and football also. I always say, even to my guys in the NBA, I can tell guys who played football and didn’t play football. Football helps to make you a better basketball player.

What’s the biggest difference between Coach Zorn’s practices here and your practices with the Wizards?

It’s outside. You got Smoot out there talking trash and challenging people, you see discipline, you see fundamentals, you see exciting plays, you see the coaches talking and coaching guys … it’s all mostly the same, but this is outdoors.

9 Responses

  1. isn’t there a rule against combining pleated pants and a backpack?

  2. “What’s the biggest difference between Coach Zorn’s practices here and your practices with the Wizards?”

    They play defense at Redskins Park.

  3. Hahaha!

    And you don’t have Brendan Haywood picking fights with teammates yet refusing to play tough against other opponents

  4. Heart….Heart…..thats what the skins and the wizards need,great franchises with plenty of talent-now if we could get some HEART in DC we’ll be fine!

  5. Homer McFanboy with the win.

  6. JRS, Haywood is a beast. One of the best post defenders in the league. Top three center in the East. Ask Dwight Howard how soft BTH is.

  7. Haywood is soft, soft like Charmin. I took him to school like one of his old professors at UNC ;)

  8. Looking good Eddie

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