Today’s Position Battle Update: Talking to Derrick Frost

So I’ve spoken to rookie punter Durant Brooks, special teams coach Danny Smith, and yesterday I talked to Shaun Suisham. But I hadn’t had a chance yet to catch up with the guy who’s been the main punter for the Redskins for the last three seasons, Derrick Frost. Today I was able to fix that a bit, getting just a very few minutes with him after practice.

Derrick Frost in holding drills.

Derrick Frost in holding drills.

How did you get into punting? When did you start?

I started playing soccer as a kid. My dad was a high school football coach and I kind of always knew I wanted to play football, but I played soccer most of my youth. In high school, I just started kicking and punting – I played other positions, but I was always kicking and punting.

Did you go to any kicking camps to help you out or anything like that?

I went to a couple. Not a whole lot. Two or three of them. In college, I worked with a guy who played in the NFL, Louie Aguiar. He had been in the league for ten or eleven years, and I worked with him for two or three years. And that’s about it.

All right. Are you kicking in the game this week?

I’ve been told that I am, so I guess I am.

Obviously, they’ve drafted a rookie punter, there’s competition at your position. What should fans look for when you’re punting? Is there something specific to watch for?

I think when I’m hitting the ball well, I get pretty good hangtime to limit the returns. One of my strengths is directional punting. I don’t know if we’ll be doing that in the game or not – we might just be hitting it down the middle – but I do really like to directional punt. I also think that one of my strong points is getting the ball inside the 20.

Is there a way for the fan watching on TV to know if it’s a directional punt?

Yes, there’s a way. I can’t tell you what it is, but there is a way.

Right. It’s just that sometimes the announcers say, “Oh, this guy was out of position,” or “He shanked that,” and they can just be wrong.

Sure, sometimes you can hit a ball that looks like it might try to be directional, but it wasn’t – just wind or you kinda hit it wrong.

But a good directional punt is clearly intentional?

Not always. Not every ball is kicked perfectly, but you can kind of know if you watch closely.

Saw you pushing the sled today during practice. How are you feeling?

Fine, just trying to get a workout in without tiring my legs out too much. I like pushing the sled because it’s low impact and a really nice workout.

How was the rest of practice?

Today I didn’t do a whole lot. Yesterday I kicked and tomorrow I’m going to kick. I don’t think I’m where I want to be right now, my timing’s a little off. For me, though, it’s like one day I could get the timing back and kind of roll from there, so it’s just a matter of time for me.


6 Responses

  1. You don’t have to be watching very closely to know that not every Derrick Frost punt is kicked perfectly.

  2. Does anybody know how to tell if it’s a directional punt? Kind of annoying that he wouldn’t tell us, I guess they all have their strategic secrets, but I’ll bet the other teams already know.

  3. it’s a directional punt if Frost is kicking it. Which direction no one knows…..including Frosty

  4. derrick trained me last year in a kicking camp. he’s really nice. the way you tell if its a directional punt or not is if he’s aimin that way lol sounds stupid but if he’s walking to the left after he recieves the snap then its a directional punt to the left. if he walks straight and the ball goes to the right then he shanked it. you can watch him workout at on the one on one lessons

  5. […] putting the ball inside the 20.” (Which is exactly what Frost had characterized the other day as one of his strengths.) Next week, though, it’s expected to be the Durant Brooks show again, as Coach Zorn […]

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