Evaluating Rookies: Scott Campbell on Horton and Tryon

Lot of notes from talking to Scott, so I’ll put things up in shorter chunks. I asked for his evaluation of the rookies’ performances in the game against the Colts Sunday night. Here are some of his thoughts.

What did you think of the rookies as a whole on Sunday?

I was pleased. I think they all contributed. It’s tough to expect too much in the very beginning. You want to see the things you saw from them in college, you hope that they’re showing that, and for the most part most of those guys did.

Justin Tryon at practice today.

Justin Tryon at practice today.

How about Justin Tryon? He made some tackles and seemed to be around the ball, but also had that very conspicuous miscue with the penalty.

I think he showed his athletic ability, his quickness, his competitiveness, and his technique. That’s all part of the learning curve these guys go through. He’s had a very solid training camp up to this point, so I think that was just part of the learning process, and in the end, I think he’ll be a guy that can contribute for us.

What about Chris Horton? He had the two sacks, the onside kick recovery, that seems pretty strong.

The thing with a safety, when you blitz a guy, he’s not blocked and makes a tackle, that’s not super impressive. It’s a key play in the game, but in terms of evaluating talent … he’s supposed to make that. If he blitzes and MISSES a tackle, then you’re saying “Hmmm.”


But he was around the football, which is what you want safeties to be. Making plays, around the ball, tough, active, fearless hitter … and he showed all those things in his play.

To be fair, Jared Lorenzen outweighs him by more than 70 pounds, so it wasn’t a total gimme on that first sack.

No, it wasn’t. And you can see when he came in, he grabbed him and the QB didn’t go down like he was expecting him to. But he stayed and kept his grip on the guy, which was good. It looked like trying to tackle a fire hydrant, when it happened. It was pretty amusing.


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