Tuesday’s Redskins Links


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  1. OMG Matt no links to Redskins Cut and Paste?

  2. was.scout.com is good too (Keim).

    How do you know when there is a new post?

  3. they’re an intelligent bunch here, 4th. They just look. They don’t need a “beep beep” like the RI refugees.

  4. dealer, on August 5th, 2008 at 1:42 pm Said:
    did you guys notice he has a link to DC sports bog but not to RI?

    — There is a link to sports Bog…. look with your eyes open.

    Thanks for making his point @sshat.

  5. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/trainingcamp08/news/story?id=3520064

    Favre says of situation: ‘This probably isn’t going to work’

    By Chris Mortensen

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre went into a meeting Tuesday morning acknowledging that he was at a “stalemate” with the team and believed the “best thing for this team is for us to part ways.”

    Consequently, Favre is unlikely to take the field for practice Tuesday afternoon, pending his second meeting with coach Mike McCarthy — though sources told ESPN’s Wendi Nix that Favre’s wife, Deanna, and his agent, James “Bus” Cook, are encouraging him to practice.

    “We’re at a stalemate,” Favre said. “Mike and I both agreed last night that me being out there is a distraction and will continue to be a distraction. We all know the reason I’m here is because the commissioner [Roger Goodell] reinstated me so we have a lot of things to figure out. It’s simple and complicated, both at the same time.”

    Favre said the team once again rejected his request to talk to teams about a trade within the NFC North, preferably to the Minnesota Vikings or possibly the Chicago Bears.

  6. well…..looks like they have their cL’s here too. I guess no blog can boast 100% intelligence.

  7. ty tafnas. btw…4th, thank you for the beep beep. barno, dude, are you still bitter over the cooley cd? what’s gotten in you?

  8. Whoa, wait a minute. You’re telling me that Chris Mortensen of ESPN fame cites anonymous sources in his articles too? I guess he must be the Sorcerer V 2.0 if Larry Michael has any say in the matter.

    PS – 24 more hours, right?

  9. barno, for ol time sakes, let’s hear your version of the story as to what happened to your CD…

  10. swb really has him there guys, I mean other than such suspect trash reporters like Woodward and Burnstein, Seymour Hersch etc. who else doesn’t quote their sources? Lol stupid first amendment. You show em swb.

    The problem with owning all the other media outlets is you forget that whole Bill o’ Rights thing.

  11. TAFNAS, I just got an email from Larry, officially admitting that he has been “shown”. Looks like I win! Unfortunately, Larry has requested that he remain an anonymous source, so I can’t cite him in this response. Hmmm, wait, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    Anyone else here think it’s great that Zorn called out Thomas and Kelly? Hopefully it only goes to motivate them and they’ll work harder because of it.

    Oh, and beep beep

  12. I am a God to my loyal followers.

    Popcorn prices will be raised .25 cents and you all will GOBBLE IT UP!!


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