Todd Yoder’s New Facial Hair

Todd Yoder’s new facial hair made its practice debut today. “It’s just that time of training camp,” he said.

Todd Yoder, carefully groomed even at practice.

Todd Yoder, carefully groomed even at practice.

Opinions on it were decidedly split. “It’s AMAZING,” said beard guru Chris Cooley. Clinton Portis sounded a bit more disgusted: “He looks like a truck driver,” he said, as if that’s automatically a bad thing.

“I love it,” said Mike Sellers, smiling, “I told him to dye it black.”

And Marcus Washington managed to split the difference: “He looks like a truck driver,” he said, but not nearly as critically as Portis.

Yoder\'s facial hair, in 3/4 profile.

Yoder's facial hair, in 3/4 profile.

As for Yoder himself, he’s okay with that. Asked if he had a name for the style, he shrugged and bowed to the inevitable. “Call it the truck driver,” he said.

23 Responses

  1. I’d call it the ‘Lemmy’ from Motorhead.

  2. Yoda looks awesome with the wraparound Fu Manchu or whatever the technical term for this is. I heartily approve.

  3. What is that flak jacket thing he’s wearing?

  4. That’s a “shell” — a thin, flexible, lightweight pad. When you hear that players are practicing in shorts and shells, that’s what they’re talking about.

  5. I guess you could call them old school sideburns, since a fluffier version of what Yoda’s doing is what Ambrose Burnside sported:

    As a regular grower/groomer of my facial hair, I’ve never attempted this move. So bonus points to Yoda…

  6. Thanks, Matt! I like what you’re doing over here, dude. I post comments all the time on Redskins Insider, and I enjoy dropping in occasionally over here. You have a good take on things, and it’s nice to see you’ve settled into a groove. Keep up the good work, man.

  7. Nice, I like yoder and I liek the trash stach.

  8. Matt,

    Madden or Michael’s seem to say that Buges was calling the running plays. i’m sure that was a mistake but can you clarify? Is he setting up the running game plan or anything like that?

  9. Great to see Nate over her BHGO. He’s super-smart and a real team leader.

    You know guys are ready for football season when they break out in a chorus of HTTR at the HOF game.

    MIghta been the beer…

  10. ummm… that should have read, “over HERE”

  11. Looks to me like the “friendly muttonchop”……

  12. The beer definitely had something to do with it, Willie :)

    skinfan, I’m not sure what makes that beard configuration more friendly than the other kind. But I do like the sound of a ‘friendly muttonchop.’

  13. Your attempt failed Nate.

  14. Looks good! Too bad Cooley had to shave his for a commercial (s).

  15. . . . More like the Franz Josef

  16. Hail!

  17. Is this the right place?

  18. Looks like a Dirty Yoder Sanchez – Larry Michael must have helped with extra BS.

  19. I think it is…..

  20. Beep beep!


  22. Looks better without…

  23. […] This is Todd Yoder. He’s the Redskins back-up tight end, and where Chris Cooley is utilized as more of a receiving tight end, Yoder is more of a blocker. He also plays on special teams — the unfortunate fate of many a back-up player — which is where this happened on Sunday: […]

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