NFL Fan Code of Conduct: Alert the DTC

The NFL officially announced their Fan Code of Conduct today, and I find it pretty interesting.

“The National Football League and its teams are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all fans, both in the stadium and in the parking lot. We want all fans attending our games to enjoy the experience in a responsible fashion. When attending a game, you are required to refrain from the following behaviors:

  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field)
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel
  • Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans

Let’s leave aside the fact that if these rules are enforced, 80% of the people tailgating in the parking lots will be gone before you get to the fourth bullet point. The most pressing issue with this at FedEx Field is making sure someone notifies the Dead Tree Crew, although I’m not quite sure how they could alter their interests to comply.

I understand the impulse behind the rules — sadly, as I’ve gotten older, had a kid, etc., the appeal of drinking too much and screaming obscenities in public has diminished notably, as has the charm of other people doing the same. But I’m interested to see how these are enforced, and if they have any effect at all.

26 Responses

  1. Well that should preclude just about anyone who thought about showing up at a football game.

  2. It’s football. As long as no one acts like SJK-Holes, there should be no problems…..

  3. When is the fantasy draft???

  4. Ah, lawyers…

  5. It’ll take all the fun out of the Philly and Dallas games!!

  6. Yeah, I got this thing in the mail with my season tickets the other day. I wrote about it too when it came in the mail.

    I ran into The Mayor of FedEx Field at the HOF ceremony…seemed quite sober, but it was only 5 PM. Those cats know how to do it up…but their gig may be up if the Skins actually inforce this rule.

    My guess is it’s just a CYA thing…but ya never know.

  7. It’ll be just Art and Darrell sat in an otherwise empty stadium.

  8. I have to imagine that these same rules have been part of the stadium rules for years. The stadium personnel/security need some basis in order to remove people. And they didn’t just begin removing people this year either.

  9. They’ve certainly been part of the FedEx Field rules for quite some time. Check the Guest Behavior section in this link:

  10. If there was a god, the self-appointed “mayor” of Fedex Field would drunk drive himself into a dead tree. Have some effing class.

  11. Ben you sound like a total virgin. Lift up your skirt grab your balls and learn how to tailgate. Hero’s last forever but legends never die.

  12. I can see no violence or foul language..But we should be able to talk crap all we want. Especially with Dallas this will take a lot of fun out of the game and certain others. As longas your not cursing around kids or phsycially attacking someone. But hopefully some of the stadiums personnel wont abuse these rules.

  13. “I ran into The Mayor of FedEx Field at the HOF ceremony…seemed quite sober, but it was only 5 PM.”

    I usually dont drink, maybe just a few games during the season.

    The DTC always has designated drivers.

    This is nothing new to FedEx Field. These rules have been in place for years. Reality is, the DTC attends Beach Blitz, Training Camp, and was in Canton Ohio this past weekend. We attend every home game and a few away games. We are Redskin fans. The DTC hasnt witnessed many winning seasons in our 8 year tenure, yet we bring the same passion every week.

    What do we do wrong? Love the Redskins? Drink at the games? Dislike opposing fans?

    Consider the DTC alerted, but consider on seeing the DTC for a very long time.

    We aint going anywhere.

  14. mathew,

    First of all, congratulations on having parents who couldn’t spell your own name.

    Secondly, tailgating and heckling is fine. Assault isn’t, nor is it necessary to make Fedex a hostile environment for opposing teams. Drinking to the point where you ruin the game for fellow fans is pathetic. Seems to me the DTC stands for nothing but being drunk losers. I really hope they all die.

  15. Ben, it isnt the DTC’s fault your dad sexually abused you when you were 13 years old.

    It isnt Matts either.

    Its yours.


    The Mayor of FedEx Field

  16. Benjamin,

    Thanks for writing. That message confirms my earlier concerns. You are infact a total Virgin. Stay Gay.

  17. Ben — A little hostile…Wishing people dead is a tad worse than a blow horn in the ear don’t you think?

  18. Ben,

    I apologize for being rude, it’s tough being a smidgen under 5 feet tall while trying to give off an aura of being a tough guy, but I try.

    See if you aren’t hostile after having to shop at kids R us your whole life. They just don’t make the thuggin style I want to rock in kids sizes.

    You guys don’t think it’s sad that a short 30 year old still dresses like a kid and thinks his rap career can still take off, do you?

    by the way, you guys don’t think my obsession with paternal sexual abuse is a telling sign, do you?

    F all tha HaTaZ

    The Mayor of FedEx Field

  19. Wait, so which is it? Am I a virgin or a homo? I mean if I bang dudes, then I’m not a virgin, right? It’s hard to have a debate with those who respond — “you’re gay.”

    And yeah, wishing death on the DTC is too strong. I don’t truly wish death on them.

    But their behavior is deplorable. It’s ironic that they root for the likes of Art Monk and Darrell Green when those two would want nothing to do with them. And if they think otherwise, they’re kidding themselves.

    Bottom line is that the DTC crosses the line. They physically intimidate and assault people. Furthermore, they’re completely emboldened by the mob mentality, knowing they can start whatever crap they want with visiting fans knowing any fan in burgundy has their back.

    They would never have the guts to show up in Philly, New York or any other NFL stadium in Skins colors — running their mouths the way they do. And that is the pure definition of punkism.

    I implore the DTC to learn something about class from true Redskins like Monk, Darrell, Doug Williams, Charles Mann, etc. Drink, party, have a good time. Make a ton of noise and make Fedex a tough place for opponents to play. But recognize that there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed — that Cowboy fans are human beings too — and to treat everyone with a basic amount of respect.

  20. Rowdy drunkeness is part of the NFL experience which I enjoy even though I don’t drink. I don’t enjoy being around an obnoxious drunk. The NFL and Redskins need to do a much better job drawing a clear line between the difference. Ejection for throwing beverages should be automatic with no exceptions. Not that it isn’t the rule already. It just needs to be strictly enforced. Its unfortunate that it is no longer appropriate to bring a child under 13 to an NFL game because of the behavior of some fans but I accept that for the way it is. Nonetheless if someone chooses to bring their child to a game they should not have to be subjected to someone next to them screaming obscenities all through the game. When there are young children present, the seating attendants should ask fans who cannot put two consecutive words together without one of them being f— to stop and be respectful of the children present, and if they don’t they should be escorted out of the stadium.

  21. #1 I am a smidgen OVER 5 feet, not under.

    #2 I am 28, not 30

    #3 You can wish death on me, I dont care, just get in line.

    #4 I know both Darrell Green and Art Monk very well.

    #5 If I didnt rap, wear “kids” clothes, and give off that “tough guy aura” what the hell are you guys going to do all day?

    Imagine how much more work some of you would complete, how much more porn you could look at, how much more time you could spend with your families and friends (if you have any) if there was no Mayor of FedEx Field.

    See. Whether some of you will admit it or not, youre what is called a Super Hater.

    You hate everything repeatedly.

    You hate me.

    But reality is, you hate your life.

    Dont blame me because you havent had sex in 6 years. Dont blame me because your only friend is your dog. Dont blameme because you live in a one bedroom apartment in Alexandria. Dont blame me because you drive a 1992 Honda Civic. Dont blame me because you make 24K a year.

    Blame yourself.

    And if it makes you feel better to spend time making fun of me, or hating everything I do, then do it.

    Because when you do, it makes me smile.


    Hate the Mayor, not the game.


    The Mayor of FedEx Field

  22. P.S. I hope calling people haters doesn’t go out of style.

    Also, I hope you all feel really bad about yourselves when I throw out random put downs that that would make kids in grade school say “dude, your put downs are pretty gay”.

    Just because you all know exactly what I’m about and call me out on it, I’m going to fight tooth and nail by trying to make fun of you with what equates to worthless “yo momma” jokes.

    I know Art Monk and Darrell Green very well, we play skee ball together and we go swimming. So you all know I’m extra cool.

    Real Thugz use smilies :)

    The Mayor of FedEx Field

  23. The mayor sounds like a clown.

    He sure talks a big game. I wonder if he even has a job. I bet the only things this loser can do is work at foot locker or sell used cars.

  24. Thanks for proving my point “fake Mayor”, Real thugz impersonate people on comment sections on the Redskins blog.

    Keep hating (it never goes out of style)

  25. Doesn’t every NFL stadium already have policies like this in place already? What’s the NFL trying to prove with this?

    It’s incredibly insulting that the NFL has handed down it’s “code” from on high. Really makes me feel like a valued customer.

  26. I’m the real mayor, I don’t know who you are.

    I love the Redskins, bitches, money, gold chains, smokin hog, rims, hip hop and defending myself on the internet.

    I make it a game to say haters or hatin’ as much as I can in a day. (my all time record is 427, it was a saturday and I was surfing the net and people were making fun of me so you can only imagine how may hater cards I passed out that day!)

    Hey fake Mayor stop ruining my good name.

    Hater :)

    The Mayor of FedEx Field

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