Notes from Coach Zorn’s Press Conference

No practice today, so here’s what jumped out at me from the coach’s presser that just ended.

  • I’ve mentioned before that Coach Zorn strikes me a really smart guy, and he’s always got that laid-back southern Cal speaking style, but both of those traits seemed to be magnified today. I suspect that he’s very pleased that now no one can say “He’s never called plays in a game.”
  • Along those lines, when asked if there was anything that surprised him in his first game as a head coach, the normally verbose Zorn just said “No,” flatly.
  • Some unnerving injury news with the rookie WRs — Malcolm Kelly is in Birmingham having his knee preemptively looked at for a possible scoping (and whenever you see “Birmingham” and “knee” in this kind of context, you can take it as read that that means Dr. James Andrews, for better or for worse). And Devin Thomas is “probably not going to be ready this week,” according to Coach Zorn.
  • In less grim, non-WR injury news, Zorn called Stephon Heyer’s knee sprain “very minor” and said that Todd Wade just has a sprained ankle.
  • An interesting note about the quarterbacks: Zorn says he’s telling them “Do NOT stand tall in the pocket,” so they’ll be ready to move. He mentioned the Colt Brennan scramble-throw touchdown as an example of this working effectively.
  • As far as news from the dramatic punter battle, they wanted to see if Durant Brooks “could handle a whole game,” and were disappointed that he only had the chance to hold for one field goal. According to Zorn, the miss had nothing to do with the hold, but I’m trying to get a few minutes with Danny Smith for follow-up. We’ll see if that comes together.
  • Another question I hope to ask Coach Smith: apparently, he knew that the Colts had onside kicked in the past to open a game against a rookie head coach, and had warned the return team to watch out for it.
  • Last thing on the QBs: Coach is apparently focusing on their ability to drive the tempo and speed of the game, so keep an eye on that. His analysis of this game is that Campbell was steady but could be faster, Collins did a good job pressing, and Brennan could use to pick up the tempo slightly. (Devine was excused, as his job was to burn clock.)
  • Asked about the fan presence in Canton, Zorn said, “Yeah, there was a lot of BURGUNDY in the audience,” emphasizing burgundy, so he’s got that straightened out.
  • And about the game plan being written on the laminated sheet, Zorn explained that sometimes it’s just player-specific plays for easy reference, and that things written large in magic marker mean “I just have to write smaller.”

6 Responses

  1. Yawn.

  2. Good stuff on the WR, Matt.

  3. “…Coach Zorn strikes me a really smart guy, and he’s always got that laid-back southern Cal speaking style…”

    I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Florida, educated in New Jersey and lived many a year in DC before moving to Southern California. I don’t speak in a laid-back Southern california style nor do many of the people who have, like me, moved here from other places.

    Jim Zorn coached and played for a couple of decades in THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, which–even after the last West coast earthquake–is still not located in Southern California. Jim also coached in Detroit, Minn and Boise before coming to DC.

    So I’ll try to remember that the people of BOSTON talk differently than those in NORTH CAROLINA, two East coast areas that have as much in common geographically, as SOCAL and WASHINGTON STATE.

    That said, I agree Zorn seems like a really smart guy. Don’t confuse “thoughtful” with “laid back.”

  4. I must’ve missed when Matt indicated Zorn was FROM SoCal. He simplied implied that his mannerisms remind him of the SoCal population.

    Don’t confuse the two, Cork.

  5. I don’t think Cork is confused. I think Matt is.

    It’s poor writing, which plagues this blog.

  6. I disagree. I think it’s readers, such as yourselves, that plague this blog. No one forces you to read, let alone comment. Why comment on something if you’re only going to be negative.

    Just doesn’t seem necessary, to me…

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