Monday, August 4: Light Day, Supposedly

This is scheduled to be a light day around the Park, and deservedly so. Coach Zorn is holding a press conference around 12:30, and other than that … not much is scheduled. Players aren’t coming in, no practices … this should be a chance for everyone to recover from the first road trip.

Which makes sense, considering the hectic pace following last night’s game. The final gun sounded at almost exactly 11:00. “The bus will leave in one hour, no matter who is or isn’t on it,” I was told. I don’t think anyone was left behind, but it wasn’t too long after midnight that the buses pulled away from the Hall. At the point, we had already cleared a full airport security screening, set up as we left the building.

From there it was about fifteen minutes or so to the airport, where the team plane waited on the tarmac. (The team plane is a chartered commercial Boeing 757, for those who asked.) The plane took off within ten minutes of our boarding, and landed back in the DC area at around 1:30. From there, we loaded back onto buses and arrived at Redskins Parks sometime near 2:00. At that point, the players left for their hotel, some staffers departed for their homes, and the rest went into the Park to start this supposedly light workday. At two in the morning.

The general consensus on last night’s game seemed to be that it didn’t mean TOO much, being a preseason game, but that a number of the rookies made good showings, and that even in preseason it’s more fun to win than to lose. Which I imagine makes heading into the office at two in the morning a little more palatable for people. I can’t wait to hear what Coach Zorn has to say about it.


10 Responses

  1. Jason Campbell looked sharp!

  2. Colt Brennan surprised me and I’m sure many more with that solid outting. Looks a lot different than his last game versus Georgia.

    Durant Brooks though looked confident and was a great punter last night. Brooks will easily win this job

  3. Wow this blog is lonely.

  4. Brennan surprised me too – is it possible we’ll have a quarterback contest????? (I traded emails with a die hard Cowboys fan, who said Brennan reminded her of Romo in his rookie preseason game – for what that’s worth at this point.)

  5. No, no competition.

    Brennan’s inflated numbers in college are due to two things.

    1) Hawaii’s conference
    2) His receivers

    Most of his stats come from the absurd amount of yards-after-catch that his receivers produced. He throws (sidearms) 8 yard routes, and his receivers then attempt to blow up the defense.

    He won’t be more than a backup in the NFL, and it really annoys me how some Redskins fans are actually calling for him to replace Campbell (not you specifically). I’d venture to say it’s because these people know Brennan set a zillion NCAA football records, but not how he achieved it.

  6. Jeff, here’s the problem: quarterbacking is about more than just a strong arm. When Colt went into the game last night, he electrified the offense. He made things happen.

    Jason Campbell is a quiet guy. He can make the throws, but he doesn’t inspire anybody. He doesn’t win games for you. He doesn’t make the guys around him better.

    Colt gave us a glimpse of the kind of quarterback leadership that Brady, etc., have — when you play with them, you just want to win. You have a feeling that you can come from behind — that anything can happen.

    With Campbell, you kinda know what you have: good QB, unflappable, poised, good arm. But not a leader. Not a “will-you-to-victory” guy.

    So it’s not that fans are getting overexcited by gaudy numbers that Colt threw up against guys who won’t make it in the NFL. It’s that this town is quarterback-starved and has been for years, and Colt just gave us a tiny little glimpse of what life is like with an exciting quarterback.

    Jason Campbell isn’t an exciting quarterback. He’s becoming an efficient game manager, and he’s well respected, but he isn’t going to single-handedly take over games.

  7. Hmm. Another day at the office for Colt Brennan. Yo Mama- Yo is right. And yo-all have caught a glimpse of Hawaii’s adopted son. Pretty soon we are all going to feel like a football family… the way the Redskins are going to feel with Colt on the team – in any capacity.
    He’s a winner.
    He’s a team player.
    He puts love into everything he does and that love is irresistible.

    Welcome to the family!

  8. Just like the Sugar Bowl game, this preseason game should not be used to define Colt as a QB. Good start, yes; but don’t reserve a spot in Canton for him just yet.

  9. Well I’m glad the Durant Brooks for starting punter argument has caused no controversey, just the Colt Brennan performance.

    Durant Brooks is a gangsta

  10. Ummm, am I the only one who saw Campbell go 5 for 5 with a TD? Campbell did great in VERY short work, Collins was solid as always, and Brennan did great as well. We are lucky to have an up and coming star (Campbell), a veteran solid QB who led us to the playoffs last year (Collins), and a rookie QB who should be ready to challenge for the starting job in a couple years.

    Sure Brennan was exciting, but don’t forget what Campbell did

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