Hall of Fame Game: Third Quarter

  • Actually a pretty good halftime show, including another flyover by the helicopters, and a bunch of fireworks. Pity so many people missed it in the obscenely long concession lines.
  • It’s possible that this person’s name is something like Charles Baily or something, and the number 24 is just a coincidence. That’s what I’m hoping, anyhow.

    Presumably not Champ Bailey.

    Presumably not Champ Bailey.

  • About eight different people within earshot just said “And the Colt Brennan era begins!” as he trotted onto the field. Lot of enthusiasm for QB3 this year.
  • And the Colt Brennan calling timeout to clarify the play era is underway as well.
  • Marcus Mason has looked quick in practice, but he’s running with some genuine power here also. Wonder if there’s room for him on the roster.
  • Guess that funky throwing motion isn’t hindering Brennan in his NFL experience so far. Brennan to Maurice Mann will no doubt resonate down the years. Nice looking play.
  • At this point in the game, the Redskins QBs are 14/15 for 161 yards and 2 touchdowns. The West Coast offense is interesting to watch.
  • And Jared Lorenzen is in! I love preseason. When else do you get to see a quarterback who only weighs eight pounds less than the center who’s snapping him the ball?
  • Chris Horton takes down Lorenzen — who’s got a solid 75 pounds on him — like it’s the rodeo or something.

3 Responses

  1. It is obviously apparent that the “official redskin blogger” does not like Colt Brennen based on pejorative comments on a great night.

  2. Loved Colt Brennan, an excellent third quarter for a rookie. He definitely gets my “player of the day” award.

  3. Same old stuff;-) Accurate passing, touchdowns and lot’s of excitement. Good job Colt.

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