Hall of Fame Game: Second Quarter

  • I missed getting the hangtime of that first Durant Brooks punt, but I clocked the second one at 4″20 exactly, assuming that the stopwatch built into my cellphone is accurate. 54 yards, I think.
  • One of the main sources of consistent amusement during a football game comes from the TV presentation. Being deprived of that — of endless talk of Brett Favre, of shouting at the TV to go back to game action, of infinite beer commercials — really diminishes the number of things to make fun of.
  • Well, this punting battle is actually making for exciting viewing (even though only one guy has gotten in). I had that one at 4″36, and the penalty was called against the guy blocking Brooks. 44 yards in the air.
  • Quinn Gray is really staking a firm claim to that third QB spot on Indy, which is disappointing to me — I love watching Jared Lorenzen play QB. There just aren’t enough quarterbacks weighing in over 280.
  • The windows of the press box are impressively soundproof tonight. They weren’t so effective when hyperactive Redskins fans were pounding on them during the enshrinement yesterday, though.
  • That was Brooks holding the ball for that missed field goal. I’ve been hypnotized by holding practice at least once, and now I’m going to have to pay even closer attention moving forward. I think I’m becoming a bit overly invested in this whole punting battle thing.
  • Courtney Roby, who caught that long pass at the end of the quarter, is the cousin of former Redskins punter Reggie Roby. Small NFL world.

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