Hall of Fame Game: Fourth Quarter

  • There are no hats in the press box. None. I didn’t really expect guys in battered hats with press passes jammed into them, but … okay, I guess I did. What a letdown.
  • Seeing Stephon Heyer walk off after being shaken up is a tremendous relief. I mean, that was a genuine downer on an otherwise impressive improvisational play by Brennan.
  • I didn’t know Maurice Mann was in the running for a punt return position, which makes it a little less surprising when there’s a muff. Good job just falling on it, at least.
  • I had that punt at 4″80, but my finger kinda slipped on the button, so that’s an even less accurate number than the rest of mine. I can’t help but think that it would be a much more dramatic battle if Frost was getting a chance to punt as well.
  • The fact that overtime is numerically feasible is not exciting anyone in the press box.
  • Rookie S Chris Horton has genuinely had a very good game, and he had a much easier time taking Lorenzen down on his second sack.
  • An interception by the guy with my favorite name on the team makes overtime MUCH less likely. Nice work, Matterral.

6 Responses

  1. Hey! Your boy Matteral got a pick!

  2. Your link re: hats with press passes in them isn’t working. FYI :-)

    Go Skins!

  3. If Matteral had run out of bounds instead of scoring the TD, the game would have been over. 3 kneel downs and they are done. (Depending on the Time Out situation, maybe not in the regular season, but the Colts would not have been taking time outs to prolong the game in the pre-season.)

  4. Oh, come on, let the guy have some fun in a preseason Hall of Fame game!

  5. He’s playing for his job and running out of bounds dont splash headlines….

  6. Once again, the Redskins win one pre-season game and the media (particularly the Post) immediately get on the 16-0 bandwagon! It happens every summer, just before the Skins end up 8-8.

    Go Giants!

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