Hall of Fame Game: First Quarter

  • I’m just going to be honest here: the inflatable Hall of Fame helmet the players are running out of may be looking a little ragged around the edges. The colors are fading, the logo is looking a little worn … might be time to replace that thing.
  • Jason Campbell is wearing some nifty yellow Nikes that are worth mentioning. Do they have uniform violation fines in preseason?

    Jason Campbell\'s shoes.

    Jason Campbell's shoes.

  • The referees are wearing white pants with black stripes down the side. Frank Hanrahan, Redskins beat reporter for ESPN 980, is emphatically insisting that these pants are updated – the white is the same, he claims, but the stripes are new.
  • One pass into the Jim Zorn era and Chris Cooley’s prediction about catching 8 yards passes has come true. Not much running after the catch yet, but it’s early.
  • The first one minute and seventeen seconds of the Jim Zorn era certainly went as well as anyone could’ve wanted. Chris Cooley and the starting offense are now doing exactly what he hoped for. \"We can take the helmets off... \"...and drink Gatorade on the bench.\"
  • Predictably, I did a TERRIBLE job not cheering in the press box for that touchdown. That was embarrassing.
  • The best thing about not being able to see a TV right now is that I don’t have to hear regular updates on Brett Favre’s plane – and when I do hear about them, they’re not coming from John Madden.
  • Colts in the no-huddle, because it’s important to keep the defense on their heels in the preseason.
  • The pressbox announcer just looked at the wrong roster for that sack of Jason Campbell, attributing it to Redskins DT Mathias Askew. Someone behind me observed that while it would be a really depressing accomplishment for the Redskins to physically sack themselves, there have been times in the not-too-distant past when it didn’t seem impossible.

6 Responses

  1. you need to get a field pass

  2. Agreed. I suspect my level of in-game access will vary from stadium to stadium.

  3. Matt, you can’t see anything from down on the field, and if someone complains about you cheering in the “press” box, you tell them to eat a big one.

  4. You camera skills suck, get closer or buy a better camera

  5. brewdog… showing how little he knows about covering an NFL game… yea, tell an NFL official to eat a big one… a wonderful way to handle things…

  6. Those are the same shoes Jason wore last season (and the same ones Clinton Portis wears). They are not uniform violations.

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