A Surprise At The Hall

Of all the Redskins gear I thought I might come across at the Hall of Fame, this is one thing I really didn’t expect to see:

An unexpected Hall of Fame display.

An unexpected Hall of Fame display.

Yep, it’s a Mark Brunell jersey, celebrating the game in which he set the record for most consecutive completions. Certainly belongs there, but I did NOT see that coming.

9 Responses

  1. Wow! Now there is a bit of trivia I can use to win bar bets!

    Love the blog, cant wait to hear about the behind the scenes scuttlebutt. Cross your fingers . . . perhaps the Skins will improve this year.

  2. Sucknell.

  3. Brunell will go down as one of the most under-appreciated players in ‘Skins history.

    He gave us one of the most exciting seasons in a long time (Gibbs 1st playoff run) and game (MNF miracle vs. cowboys).

    But, because of the horrible 1st and last year he had, it seems that people forget about the good memories.

    Never forget, he never once complained about being benched for Campbell.

    A true professional.

  4. […] The Official Washington Redskins Blog (that name just rolls off the tongue, no?), is this disgrace from […]

  5. Please stop blogging. You are not good and your posts are not worth the web space they take up. Brunell sucks and this junk shouldn’t be in the HOF.

    Also, something to work on, when you are on Redskins Nation with Mouthpiece Michael(who is bound by his contract to promote your “writing”), try not to sound like a middle-school boy at his first dance.

  6. I haven’t read the entire section about Monk and Green HOF induction and was wondering was Coach Gibbs there on Saturday ?

  7. Coach Gibbs was there, yes.

  8. Mark Brunell is one of the classiest and nicest guys you could ever meet. He took time out of his off-season schedule this year before reporting to the Saints to work 1-on-1 with my boy and his football team here in Jacksonville. Why? Because he is willing to give back and help others. That is why I believe he is a class act & deserves any recognition that comes his way.

  9. […] Jason Campbell’s streak of completed passes to close the last game and open this game totalled 16, making it the second-longest such streak in team history. Mark Brunell, of course, has the record with 22, which earned his jersey a spot in the Hall of Fame. […]

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