Art Monk, Hall of Famer

It seems deeply appropriate that Art Monk has been standing silently at the podium, as if it’s the only proper culmination of all these years of being so conspicuously quiet. The crowd will not let him speak — he has said “Thank you” four times, and their volume only increases.

Once they’ve quieted, though, Monk proves Rick “Doc” Walker correct, speaking eloquently and at length, mixing religion, family, and football in almost equal measure. It’s a good speech, maybe a very good one, and it remains upsetting that we had to wait seven years to hear it.

Congratulations, Art Monk.

Cheering Art Monk.

Cheering Art Monk.


14 Responses

  1. Doc Walker said it was a 4 minute standing ovation, the longest he’s seen at any of these. Wow, what a night..

  2. Oops, Tom Jackson, not Doc Walker.

  3. Art Monk was only voted in because the voters WERE TIRED of the b*tch’n that went on when he didn’t get it. Complain all you want but that’s FACTUAL (as stated by some of the voters!!!). So, keep buying Danny’s HOF t-shirts, DVDs, and programs, but always know that Monk has an asterisk beside his name.

    Posted by: Sucre | August 2, 2008 7:40 PM

  4. Why do you have to be that way? And ruin a really nice thing that just happened. Are you a Skins HATER or just a Monk HATER.
    Either way your out numbered and GO AWAY!!!

    I thought the standing ovation was GREAT!!
    Way to go Skins fans!!!
    Love the blog too.

  5. A lot of great things have happened because a group that wasn’t large enough to win by itself refused to quit fighting.

    If the story of Monk’s trip to the hall includes a large number of voters who believed in him and his accomplishments so strongly that they were absolutely determined to get him in, no matter how long it took, then that’s a story I can sign off on. And I think Art would say the same thing.

  6. from Texas..
    congrats art and darryl. what a class act you are. ive never been prouder of any athlete that i am of you

    Hail To The Redskins !!

  7. Did the 2 Skins snub Joe Gibbs tonight? Green mentioned Gibbs’ name once and incredibly Art Didn’t mention Gibbs’ name one single time. Ouch.

  8. Something tells me Sucre is a typical Dallas fan, hatin on that which his overrated franchise can’t attain. The only thing with an asterisk is your team’s last playoff win, considering it was 12 years ago. And, might you be an Eagle fan, your team will always embarrassingly rest among the very few that have never sniffed a Super Bowl win. Art Monk left the game as the all-time leading receiver in the history oft his league. Face it partner, they dont get much more talented and classier in Canton, and the Hall of Fame has never seen the display of in-your-face fan support that the Burgundy and Gold faithful showcased today.

  9. Redskins Nation made me proud, keep it up ALL

    Hail to the Redskins!!!!

  10. To Sucre:

    So what you’re saying is, Monk should have an asterisk because the voters are a bunch of idiots? Guess what, chief. Monk had more career receptions than Lynn Swann and John Stallworth COMBINED. And they’re both in the Hall. You should try watching football sometime. It’s a great game.

  11. hey suckcre why dont you take your comments to the michael convict irving blog you dont have the class to write about a legend in football.

  12. Again, I didn’t say it. The HOF VOTERS said they voted him in to get him “out of the way.” A direct quote. Cris Carter was more deserving (that is MY opinion).

  13. Somethng tells me Sucre isn’t even a Dallas fan . Though I’m a Dallas-hater, their fans are knowledgable, and give props when deserved. Well, at least the smart fans do.

  14. Blah, blah, blah…anyone who knows anything about football knows that these guys both earned it. Also, you managed to catch me in this photo…kudos.

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