Andre Tippett, Hall of Famer

Congratulations to Andre Tippett, who I remember mostly from packs of football cards in the early nineties. He speech so far is impressively honest and straightforward, although there’s a certain feel to this – the inside jokes, the great memories, the lessons learned, the shout-outs to friends – a lot of the elements of a good bar mitzvah speech or a farewell to summer camp are popping up here.

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  1. I’m home flipping back and forth between the Hall of Fame and the Redskins special on Channel 9, and, no offense, but the special is blowing those guys away. Just watched Dexter cream Danny, and then Daryl Grant score on the tipped ball (and I was there, and remember thinking, do we REALLY want Dallas? – yeah we really did), and then finally, in the Bowl, Riggo breaking it on 4th and 1 and going all the way. Wow! And Darrel’s coming up next in Canton – talk about the best of both worlds!!!!!

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