On the Field at Morning Practice: 8/1

The main thing I noticed about practice today is that it was very, very short. More than half of the session was taken up with what amounted to a walkthrough for Sunday’s game, and two separate runs through the two-minute drill provided most of the excitement.

The first ended with a Todd Collins scramble-and-slide for a touchdown. Maybe. There was some dispute as to when he was down, not to mention some questions about the realistic effectiveness of a scramble in a practice against a defense that isn’t fully pass-rushing.

In the second two-minute drill, Derek Devine looked impressive driving the team down the field, threading a touchdown pass over the middle to someone I couldn’t quite see. (I thought it was Todd Yoder, someone else thought it was Billy McMullen. The fact that we could confuse these two guys — who could not possibly look less alike even if they actively TRIED to not look like one another — gives you an idea of how tough it sometimes is to spot these things.) Keep an eye on Devine on Sunday, when he should get some action. He throws a very pretty pass.

Lot of enthusiasm, lot of energy, some solid performances, nice weather, short practice, no injuries, and a game coming up. I’m still new to this, but I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of a good practice.


7 Responses

  1. Cooley said in his blog that the starters will only likely only play one series. Does that seem to be the consensus around camp? Does this include Campbell?

  2. Even if Devine lights ’em up, what chance does he have of supplanting a guy who just signed a 4-year deal?

    Of course, there ARE 31 other teams watching…

    WIN Redskins WIN!

  3. I cannot agree with your Devine assessment. He was pathetic throughout the public camp. He needs to be cut and the only reason he’s around to begin with is his personal relationship with Zorn. Get the guy gone.

  4. I took a week of from reading this blog in the hope that you’d get better with practice.

    Nope, still sucks.

  5. ABPofRB- and what have you done to make the blog a better place?

    thinkaboutit ;-)

  6. JDP… are you serious about devine being pathetic? You must be outside your mind… Devine has the best arm on the squad. It appears to me as though he is just getting settled into the rythm of being back on the field. And by the way it is not how you play in pre-season practice that counts… it is all about the games… give him a chance and you will be pleasantly suprised … in order for something special to happen with the redskins this season they will need some Devine Intervention!!!!

  7. I kinda agree about this blog sucking. The only comments are flames, followed quickly by people like LizKauai jumping to Matt’s defense.

    Yeah, that’s not fake or anything.

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