Guys to Watch on Sunday: Matteral Richardson

We’re all excited to see the big-name guys as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t expect too much time for Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis, or Santana Moss this weekend. So I tried to get at least a minute or two in with a bunch of the guys who likely WILL be on the field.

Undrafted rookie CB Matteral Richardson has my favorite first name in all of professional sports history, but I was only able to get a minute with him as the players wrapped up after practice. He’s had a surprisingly good training camp to date, and he’s exactly the kind of guy who should get some minutes on Sunday.

How’s camp gone for you so far?

I feel like I’ve made great improvements just learning the system, watching all the guys, and just taking in all the advice they give me and putting it to good use. I’m feeling pretty good so far.

You excited for Sunday?

As a young guy coming in, you always want to show what you can do, show that you can come out here and compete and work hard and make it real professional. I’m really looking forward to getting into the game a bit.

All right, what about Darrell Green? Did he inspire you at your position at all?

Growing up in Texas I was a Cowboy fan as a kid, but as you get older, the more you play the position, you start to search those guys out, the elite corners. Darrell Green is a great example. He played for a long time. He has great speed, and not just speed but great intangibles that make him a great cornerback.

Have you had a chance to talk to him?

Not yet, but hopefully I can get to meet him, maybe this weekend. I’d love to hear what he’s got to say.


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