Guys to Watch on Sunday: Malcolm Kelly

We’re all excited to see the big-name guys as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t expect too much time for Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis, or Santana Moss this weekend. So I tried to get at least a minute or two in with a bunch of the guys who likely WILL be on the field.

This one isn’t really fair, since there’s a better than even chance that Malcolm Kelly, currently recovering from a hamstring injury, won’t see the field at all. But I had the chance to grab a couple minutes with him, so I figured it didn’t hurt to ask a few questions.

So how are you feeling?

I’m feeling pretty good, you know? Just trying to get over this little hamstring thing.

Yeah, how’s that going?

It’s feeling good, man. It’s not really to the point … the pain is just kind of weak now. Once I get that out there, get worked back up, you know I’ll be good.

How has training camp life been?

It’s cool, man. You know, I was expecting just, you know, like REAL REAL bad, you know what I’m saying? But it’s cool, you know? Living with the guys, everybody’s going through the same thing, so it kinda equalizes.

Are you going to be able to get in on Sunday?

I’m pushing for it, but I don’t want to get back in too early, you know?

Did you follow either of the Redskins who are being inducted this weekend?

I kinda followed Darrell Green, cause I knew he was the fastest man in the league, but that was really it. Once I got up here, I realized what kinda player Art Monk was, and – I’ll tell you what, that’s two players who really deserve to be in there.

Bubba Tyer told me that Monk was drafted to be the big receiver the team had needed, which is sort of your situation as well. Have you had a chance to talk to Monk yet?

I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet, but I’m pretty sure I will this weekend. To be able to know a player like that … hopefully he can give me some pointers on some things.

Have you ever been to Canton before, just to see the Hall?

Nope. I’m really looking forward to it.


5 Responses

  1. Good quick interview, not padded with silly questions like “what is your favorite color?” just good questions that help us the fans know what’s going on. Good that the rookies will get to visit the hall and appreciate the greatness they hope to follow.

    Good job on the blog

  2. Good interview. I hope he can get a few reps in tmrw.

  3. Build that rapport, Matt. Pretty soon, we need an entire day devoted to this:

  4. Man…he sounds retarded.

  5. Great interview..Malcolm Kelly was the player that I’ve been waiting to hear from. Good interview. Still keep tabs on this guy though, I have a feeling he’s going to be special.

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