Guys to Watch on Sunday: Justin Tryon

We’re all excited to see the big-name guys as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t expect too much time for Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis, or Santana Moss this weekend. So I tried to get at least a minute or two in with a bunch of the guys who likely WILL be on the field.

As we prepare to induct one of the all-time great undersized-but-fast cornerbacks in NFL history into the Hall of Fame, I figured it made sense to grab a guy who was described in almost exactly those words after he was drafted. (Well, not the “all-time great” part, not yet. But the rest of it.) Tryon is also an experienced kick returner, and might see action there as well.

So? How are you feeling after almost two weeks?

I’m feeling goooood. My body’s feeling good, I’m healthy, so, you know how it is.

What’s stood out for about camp so far?

What stood out to me was all the fans, how dedicated they were every day, how fun it was playing with them. Camp’s been everything I thought it was gonna be.

Will we see you on Sunday?

I’m definitely gonna be in the game on Sunday. Get in for a few plays, some special teams.

What should we look for from you?

Look for me to be dedicated to the play that I’m in for, whether it’s special teams or defense or whatever, just look out for me.

How about the Hall of Fame? You’re a cornerback, were you a fan of Darrell Green?

Darrell Green? Heck yeah, come on! He’s got 54 career picks, man! And he was fast – 4.1 flat or something like that.

When’d you start paying attention to him?

Probably when I was around 12 years old or so, when I started getting into watching football. I’ve been a defensive back since I was eight or so. It’s always been my thing, and he was a guy I looked up to a little bit.


3 Responses

  1. “Probably when I was around 12 years old or so.”

    Well, now I feel like a geezer.

  2. dude, THIS is the guy we look back on from this draft (i mean I hope not, sort of, since we spent major picks on anyone who can catch the ball) but i bet we look back and say Tryon is is the player who really makes a statement.

  3. and he’s supposed to be mini-smoot!…where’s the S**T talkin? Where’s the love boat chatter?

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